4-H Memorial Camp

4-H Memorial Camp


Memorial Camp and Conference Center is operated by the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service, part of the University's College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences. The camp is available to various businesses, schools, and organizations. It is ideal for conferences, banquets, training sessions, retreats, reunions, meetings, workshops or other educational activities. For more than 60 years, we've been assisting over 100 groups a year.

Since 1947, 4-H Memorial Camp has annually served thousands of 4-H youth as well as numerous groups from churches, civic organizations, educational institutions, and social organizations. Memorial Camp's facilities and 250 acres provide an ideal location for all types of residential camping and educational programs. Originally established as a youth camping facility, the grounds have been upgraded to offer the finest in adult and family retreat settings. We offer a place where you can just get away from it all, yet still accomplish important goals.

At 4-H Memorial Camp, concentrating on your group needs is our number one priority. The woodland setting surrounding the Conference Center helps you get down to business without interruptions and hassles. A lake and hiking trails complete the secluded atmosphere with everything located within walking distance.

We are proudly accredited by the American Camp Association. This accreditation verifies that we have complied with up to 300 standards for health, safety and program quality, which are recognized by courts of law and goverment regulators. You can visit the ACA website to learn more about the accreditation by clicking on the logo.

4-H Memorial Camp History and Philosophy


In 1946, Robert Allerton donated 250 acres of his estate near Monticello, Illinois, to the University of Illinois so it could be utilized by 4-H members and other organizations as a youth camp. The property is now administered by the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences through University of Illinois Extension and is known as 4-H Memorial Camp.

The camp was formally dedicated in July 1948 to the memory of Illinois 4-H members and alumni who lost their lives in World War II. The transformation of the site into a premier youth camp facility was accomplished entirely with donated funds. A campaign to rebuild the original 32 cabins was successfully completed in 2004. The camp now serves over 8,000 campers annually.


The 4-H hands-on, “learn-by-doing” method of positive youth development is epitomized in the 4-H Memorial Camp program. Campers are afforded dozens of choices of activities and program offerings that expand their horizons beyond their home routine. 4-H Youth Camp programs foster independence, cooperative living, and social growth— all in an adventurous and fun outdoor environment.