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Southern Illinois Master Naturalist

Southern Illinois Master Naturalist

10. Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways a Master Naturalist can fulfill the commitment of at least 40 volunteer hours during year one and at least 30 volunteer hours in subsequent years.

Volunteer efforts support Sponsors and Partners and benefit our community. It also expands one's knowledge of the natural world and provides a chance to socialize and get to know other Master Naturalists and subject area experts.

Test drive different activities. You may find you have an affinity for a certain subject area, geography or type of effort. Or you may find that variety is your thing.

How do I Report Volunteer Hours?

Keep a log of your volunteer activities (hours and organization). At the end of every quarter, complete the online Master Naturalist reporting. Individual partners may also ask you to sign in when you attend an activity.

Why Should I Report Volunteer Hours?

It is essential that you report volunteer hours (even those exceeding the goal) using the SIMN reporting form. These hours enable the sponsors to understand the value provided by Master Naturalists and to justify continued support for the program. But even more important, it provides the basis for grant funding from a variety of sources. These dollars allow our sponsors and partners to have a much greater impact than they might otherwise have.

  • Other Opportunities
    The Science Center Science Cafes are held on Thursdays at 7pm. Come Early for free coffee and conversation. For more information, call or stop by The Science Center today! Feb. 27, 2014: Masks of Culture, Ron Naversen, Department of Theater, SIU Mar. 27, 2014: Automated Vehicles and their Impact on Our Built World, Shannon McDonald, School of Architecture, SIU Apr. 24, 2014: Building a Prescribed Fire Program in Southern Illinois, Charles Ruffner, Department of Forestry, SIU.

  • Other Opportunities PDF
    BirdSleuth Ambassador Workshop!

  • Other Opportunities Word
    Project Underground Workshop

  • Other Opportunities
    Illinois Indigenous Plant Symposium
    3/21 - 23/14

  • Other Opportunities

    March 21 Hike, Rocky Bluff on Crab Orchard NWR

    March 22: Educational Seminars

    March 23: Hike Round Bluff on Ferne Clyffe State Park