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The new edition, titled All My Money: Change for the Better, will be available in early 2016. Information on this website has not yet been updated; it refers to the 2005 edition, which is out of print.

To receive notices when the revised version is available, trainings are scheduled, and other updates, send us a message using the Contact Us page.

Do your clients need help with financial management skills? Would you like a complete and easy to use curriculum that fits your audience? All My Money: Change for the Better was designed for you.

While much of the content of this edition is new, it follows the same, sound adult education principles as previous versions, and has the same philosophy and target audience. It uses a hands-on, experiential approach which allows the participants to learn from the activities and from each other. It is written to address the specific needs of limited resource audiences; however, our experience has shown that the content will often work equally well with middle income households.

We look forward to sharing more information about the new edition with you soon.

All My Money curriculum gives you:

  • Hands-on activities that are thought-provoking and engaging.
  • Materials written at a reading level clients can understand.
  • A program that's ready to go, right out of the box.
  • Re-usable and reproducible materials, so there's no need to purchase new materials for each class.

all my money curriculum

All My Money is research based, and was developed by the Consumer and Family Economics team at the University of Illinois Extension. Each lesson can stand alone or be taught as part of the series.

All My Money was written for use by agency staff and educators who may or may not have financial expertise and who work with limited resource audiences. Classroom teachers also like the program for use with teens because of the easy reading and numerous hands-on activities. It lets participants learn from their own experiences, each other, and from the process of doing the activities.

"I've just finished teaching the All My Money course to the women in our Transitional Living Program, and it's been a success. The curriculum is written in a way that really holds their attention, gets them interested, and keeps them active. It's also formatted in a way that is easy to adapt to my group without requiring hours of prep time. I've really enjoyed the experience of facilitating this course. I've had lots of experience with facilitating children's classes but not much with adults, and I found it quite fun!"