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Value of Red Oak Timber (PA) from Ken I. (1) Reply. 07/17/12
Black Walnut and Red Oak (WI) from david ristow (1) Reply. 04/18/12
List of Professional Consulting Foresters (IL) from LaVerne Debatin (1) Reply. 04/18/12
Harvesting Baldcypress in Illinois from Richard Harvey (1) Reply. 03/22/12
Don't Sell Your Timber from justin hillman (2) Replies. 03/05/12
Value and Board Feet Calculation from Aaron Colburn (1) Reply. 02/17/12
Types of Logs and/or Sawlogs from James Norton (1) Reply. 01/23/12
How to Market and Sell your Standing Timber (IL) from Dvaid Spalding (1) Reply. 01/03/12
Diameter Growth Rates of Hardwoods (IN & IL) from Aaron Gambill (1) Reply. 11/09/11
Illinois Licensed Timber Buyers: Listing Agent(s) from Rick Sutton (1) Reply. 05/12/11
Big Black Walnut and Pecan Trees (GA) from greg lawson (1) Reply. 01/20/11
Rates for Land Clearing (TN) from Marcus Faulkner (1) Reply. 01/08/11
Value of Standing Trees (IL) from tamara carrel (1) Reply. 12/14/10
Sassafras? from Aaron Gambill (1) Reply. 09/21/10
Logging on Mine Spoils from Aaron Gambill (1) Reply. 09/13/10
4/4 and Standing Timber from Aaron Gambill (1) Reply. 09/09/10
Selling Standing Timber (IL) from Elizabeth Likes (1) Reply. 08/12/10
MBF Defined from Aaron Gambill (3) Replies. 08/11/10
Price of Hickory Timber? from Aaron Gambill (3) Replies. 08/09/10
Forester Fees for Timber Sale Administratin from Aaron Gambill (5) Replies. 07/27/10
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