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Animal feces

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From: Sharon Osterby
Cary, IL
We live near a restaurant and for the past year have had a dramatic increase in the raccoons and opossums in my yard. Now I have an large accumulating piles of feces from visiting animals which they deposit around my yard and right up against my house every night. I remove it and they return a defecate in the same spot again and again! I and concerned because the piles are large and I cannot keep up with them. It must be more than one animal. There are paths in the grass from where they walk but no place they are living. What can I do?

Extension Message
From: Laura Kammin
Visiting Extension Specialist, Pollution Prevention
Extension-Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program
Does the restaurant keep the dumpster lids closed and the site clean? Try to keep up with the waste as best you can. Be sure to wear a mask and plastic gloves while you are cleaning and wash thoroughly with hot, soapy water when done.

Trapping the animals might help temporarily, but if it is an abundant source of food that is driving the problem, you won't have much success in reducing the number of animals until the food source is reduced/eliminated.

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