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How to Control Osage-Orange (Hedge)

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From: Larry Baer
Peoria, IL
I have about 30 acres that used to be cattle pasture..... - 30 years ago. It has about 800 hedge trees on it from saplings to monsterous trees. I want to khow what the best way to kill a few of these would be. Right now I'm using them for fence posts but they grow back which is good for more fence posts but I would rather have hardwoods than them. Thanks

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences

So, you want to know how to effectively control Osage-orange (a.k.a., hedge).

My recommendation: during the fall or winter with a chainsaw, make a fresh stump cut or girdle on your chosen trees and then apply either Garlon 3A (triclopyr) or Pathway/Tordon (picloram) to the fresh cut. Note that these two herbicides are amine-based (water), rather than ester-based (oil). Apparently, amine-based herbicides are much more effective than ester-based herbicides in treating Osage-orange. This of course is not the case with all trees.

Pathway is ready to use (RTU), meaning no mixing is required and also comes with a blue marker dye. Garlon 3A should be applied as a 50-50 solution with water. Apply the herbicide with a spray bottle. These herbicides are effective during the dormant season.

This recommendation should get you on your way!

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