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Value of Oak Tree

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From: john lucas
lombard, IL
I have some large oaks. I was wodering how you would value a 38" diamater oak tree? It is clear for 10 feet, and 38" at the base.

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences
Greetings John,

Tree values run the full financial spectrum - from low value firewood to high value, prime veneer logs. Yard trees are typically valued much lower than “woods grown” trees (yes, there are exceptions). Tree value is therefore a function of species, defect, log length, board feet, distance to markets, logging/felling terrain, site history (grazing, fire, etc.), number of trees harvested, market demand, time of year, contract requirements, etc. Essentially, assigning a value to a tree merely based on several measurements is practically impossible without a fair, on-site appraisal.

However, let me provide you the following scenario to quench your curiosity based on the tree measurements you provided above:

Species: White Oak DBH: 38” Log Length: 24 feet w/ one 10-ft veneer log

Total Board Feet: 878 net board feet

10’ Veneer log: 441 board feet

14” Sawlog: 437 board feet

Ave. Stumpage Value for White Oak sawlogs: $0.60/bd ft x 437 bd ft = ($262.20) Ave. Stumpage Value for White Oak Veneer logs: $2.50/bd ft x 441 bd ft = ($1102.50)

Therefore, the total value for this “fictional” white oak example would be approximately $1364.70. HOWEVER, this is just a “fictional value” because I have not seen the tree, nor am I able to account for any of the aforementioned factors that contribute to an individual tree’s real value.

If you want an unbiased appraisal, you will need to contact a professional consulting forester or someone in the forest products industry whose opinion you trust – that is just the way it works regarding tree value.

Hope this helped!

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