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Wheat Development is Rapidly Progressing

Posted by Robert Bellm -

The picture above is Dr. Carl Bradley's research trial studying fungicide efficacy. The sprinkler system will keep the field environment wet and humid, to help promote both foliar and head diseases. In addition, scab-infected milo seed has been spread to help insure that plenty of inocculum will be present to cause head scab. Only on a research center would one deliberately try to induce a disease to occur! 

It is only April 10th, and wheat development ranges from Feekes Growth Stage 9 (flag leaf emerged) here along the I-70 corridor, to approaching Feekes Growth Stage 10.5 (flowering) in the southern tip of the state. Development appears to be at least 2 - 3 weeks ahead of typical for this time of year.

Temperature predictions for tonight are for near freezing temperatures outside of the urban areas, so the potential for at least damage to the crop is very real. Data from Kansas indicates that temperatures of 28 - 30 degrees for two hours can cause moderate to severe damage to wheat when it is at boot stage to flowering. Hopefully it will not get that cold for that long.

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