Local Food Systems and Small Farms

Local Food Systems and Small Farms


Catch the Carrot

This new U of I Extension app has multiple-choice trivia questions which are read aloud for children to follow. Each correct answer releases a falling food that you must quickly attempt to catch with your shopping cart.
Double-tap to empty your cart and achieve points. The more food in your cart, the more points you get! But be careful – move too fast or stack too high, and your items will tumble out!
- This vegetable can be eaten on the cob.
- This protein is the main dish at Thanksgiving.
- Cutting this vegetable will cause your eyes to water.
- This hot beverage has lots of caffeine and is enjoyed in the morning.
- In this fairy tale the princess couldn’t sleep well because she felt this vegetable even with sleeping atop many mattresses.
It is available in both iOS and Android. You can download the app for iOS in the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/catch-the-carrot/id763940502?mt=8  

or Android in Google Play:


It is available free of charge.

 It's engaging and great for kids, teens, adults and seniors.. This app will be useful for teachers, 4-H leaders, Scout Leaders, senior centers, and programs teaching the basic food and nutrition concepts.

It was developed by Karen Chapman Novakofski, Extension Specialist, Nutrition, and Maria Pauls, an undergraduate student in Human Nutrition.