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Ogle County 4-H

Ogle County 4-H

4-H Record Keeping Basics

All 4-H members are encouraged to keep on-going records of their project work and 4-H club activities. 4-H record forms are provided to members annually in conjunction with project manual distribution at the local club.

4-H record keeping provides members with a unique opportunity to set goals and monitor their learning and growth as their 4-H careers progress. Ultimately, the resulting record books can provide a basis for completing college scholarship applications and developing job resumes. Additionally, they are a wonderful source of childhood memories.

Types of Record Forms:
Activity Records
All 4-Hers receive one activity record form annually. This form provides places for members to list their participation and leadership in local, county, multi-county, state, national, and international events and activities.
Project Records
All 4-Hers receive one project record for every project they enroll in annually. Project records provide places for members to set learning goals, track project-related learning experiences, list the things they learn, and identify project achievements. It is critical that members date these forms for easy reference.
Animal Records
4-Hers who produce, raise, or care for animals are encouraged to complete additional record forms which are appropriate for their species. Animal records provide youth with places to document income and expenses, summarize breeding data, keep inventory of equipment, and determine overall project profit or loss.

Record Binders
4-Hers should bind their record forms in accordance with county record book guidelines. Members may use any type of binder they choose. All 4-Hers are given soft cover 4-H records folders during their first year of membership. These folders provide a nice binder for the short term, but will inevitably fill up as members' 4-H careers progress. Members who are looking for alternative binders for their record forms can purchase inexpensive, expanding 4-H record covers at the Extension office, or they can pick up a three-ring binder of their choice at a local discount or office supply store.

Annual club level recognition is provided to members who keep and submit completed record forms. By setting and achieving learning goals in at least one project annually, 4-Hers qualify for the 4-H Progress Award. 4-Hers who complete their activity record and at least one project record each year may qualify for club "Standards Awards," as well. See "4-H Award Areas" for more details. Additional record keeping recognition is available through competition for county awards. Members may submit their completed record books, along with specific award applications in order to qualify for their project medals, certificates, savings bonds, cash awards, and state level competition or trips. County award applications and information are available through club leaders and the Extension office annually in the late summer and early fall.