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Jodi Baumgartner
Program Coordinator, 4-H and Youth Development
University of Illinois Extension
421 W Pines Rd, Ste 10
Oregon, IL 61061
Phone: 815-732-2191
FAX: 815-732-4007

Johnna B. Jennings
Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development
University of Illinois Extension
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Phone: 815-758-8194
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Ogle County 4-H

Ogle County 4-H

What Is a 4-H Project?

A 4-H project is what a 4-Her learns or does (e.g.: learn to grow a vegetable garden, learns to sew, or learns about caring for dogs). Project areas vary from aerospace to woodworking, from birds to rabbits, and from clothing to small engines.4-H members should take at least one project each year and complete the records for that project. The recommended maximum number of projects a member should take during the 4-H year is:

1st year members 2 projects
2nd year members 4 projects
3rd year members & above 6 projects

Illinois Clover

The Illinois Clover is distributed to each 4-H family. This publication identifies:

  • What projects are available
  • What age group a particular project unit targets
  • What books or publications you will receive after enrolling
  • A brief list of possible things to do in each project
  • Additional resource material available for some projects
  • Additional activities that may be available for some projects
  • Resources available on the Illinois 4-H Web Site
  • A list of project awards and recognition opportunities

Additional Resources

The Extension office has a number of resources available to assist in project completion. In fact, it has "project support files" for nearly every project area. Each contains brochures, articles, pamphlets, etc. Call to see how much is available in the project areas that interest you. Then, stop in, and look through the file. The staff can copy the things you'd like to keep for future reference.In addition, the Extension office has selected several excellent project resources that are available for sale.