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Michelle Berg Vogel
Program Coordinator, Ag and Natural Resources
University of Illinois Extension
818 S. Park, P.O. Box 366
Hardin, IL 62047
Phone: 618-653-4687
FAX: 618-576-8013

Ken Johnson
Extension Educator, Horticulture
University of Illinois Extension
104 N Westgate Ave
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Phone: 217-243-7424
FAX: 217-243-1544

Master Gardeners

Master Gardeners

Plant Detectives

Below are several resources that will help Master Gardener Plant Detectives as they investigate home, yard, and garden problems.
-DDDI - Check with office secretary for login information
-AskHort – only accessible by a staff member
-Each office should have at least the following resources:
-Microscope and tools
-Camera and microscope adapter
-Pest Management for the Home Landscape (2012 issue)
-Ortho Problem Solver
-Internet links and tips - see below for links. Use only trusted websites as references. Those website ending in .edu and .org are more trustworthy than most .com sites.