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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Tax Uncertainty? Tax Diversification to the Rescue

Diversification is the first rule of investing. You knew that, right? But have you thought about tax diversification? Yep. Smart investing isn't just what you own, it's where you own it and how it gets taxed when you take it out. From a tax standpoint, you have three different types of accounts: Regular (taxable) accounts, like your checking and savings accounts and accounts with...

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Posted by Karen Chan at 10:37PM on 9/17/2014
Categories: Karen Chan Income Taxes Investing Retirement Planning

woman in convertable

Three Rules for Car Buying You Should not Break….and Why I Broke Them!

Rules were meant to be broken- but not on a regular basis. Living a life according to the seemingly conservative and boring rules may not be exciting, but will enable you to weather life's storms when you must then break a rule or two to achieve your needs. I try to live a good financial live- prepared for life's little setbacks. I have some absolute rules I live by and so far that has...

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Posted by Pam Atkinson at 5:00PM on 9/12/2014
Categories: Pam Atkinson Credit and Debt How to Choose/Purchase a ...

Dear 17 Year Old Me

Dear 17 Year Old Me,

Dear 17 Year Old Me, I am writing to you in 2014 and we are now 27 years old. A decade has gone by since I was in your shoes and I have some financial advice just for you. Although you may not understand it now, please believe me – I have your best interest in mind! Save Every Penny You Make Yes, save everything! Though I know I can't convince you to save e...

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Posted by Sasha Grabenstetter at 9:00AM on 9/4/2014
Categories: Sasha Whitley Organizing Finances Reduce Spending Saving Money

college student

College Education: Is it Worth It?

People invest a lot of amount of time, energy and money to earn a college degree. The financial cost of attending college is much larger today than it was a generation ago. It's reasonable to ask, "Is it still worth it to get a college degree?" Recent reports from Pew Research Center's Social and Demographic Trends project explores this question, and the results are quite intriguing. (B...

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Posted by Kathy Sweedler at 9:58AM on 8/30/2014
Categories: Kathy Sweedler Credit and Debt Paying for College

401k road sign

What to do with your 401(k)? Consider costs, investments, and services

The decision of whether to leave money in your old employer's retirement plan, or to move it to your new employer plan or an IRA, doesn't always have an obvious answer. Last week , we looked at factors concerning your age and when you want to have access to your money – or be required to begin distributions. Today, we'll talk about comparing costs, investmen...

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Posted by Karen Chan at 12:34PM on 8/24/2014
Categories: Karen Chan Investing Retirement Planning

what to do w 401k

What to do with your 401(k)? Think about when you want your money.

You retired. Or changed jobs – maybe several times. So did I. And at many of those jobs, we had a 401(k) or some other type of retirement plan. If your account held less than $5000, you may have been forced to make a quick decision about what to do with the money. Otherwise, you probably did what many of us do so well: procrastinate . Maybe now is a...

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Posted by Karen Chan at 12:19AM on 8/21/2014
Categories: Karen Chan Investing Retirement Planning


Conquering the apocalypse of zombie debt

We have learned a lot about zombies from the movies. There are ways to keep zombies from eating your brain. Bar the doors, understand and choose your weapons, figure out your escape route. Similar tactics can help you be victorious in standing down the debt apocalypse. What is Zombie debt? In short, zombie debt is debt you thought was long gone coming back to ha...

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Posted by Pam Atkinson at 11:56AM on 8/14/2014
Categories: Pam Atkinson Credit and Debt Credit Report How to Choose/Purchase a ...