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Saving and investing your money
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Your Financial Family Portrait

I have been pushing people to get a current copy of their credit bureau report on a regular basis for a while now. It is a good way to have a snapshot of your credit accounts and payment history and a method to catch identity theft before it gets totally out of hand. To do this you should get a free credit report every 4 months or so. The government requires that each of the three credit reporting...

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Posted by Pam Atkinson at 11:12AM on 4/10/2014
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What do I do with this year's filed tax return?

This year's tax season will soon come and go, and you may be unsure of what you need to do with this year's tax forms. Below are some questions you may have on what you should do with this year's 2013 – filed 1040 tax return. What should I keep? With any financial record, especially tax forms – you should keep all of the documents you u...

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Posted by Sasha Whitley at 3:30PM on 4/3/2014
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April 15

Losing a Loved One: 1099s and Interest on Savings Bonds

It's been a year since Kathy Sweedler and I started our series of posts about losing someone close to us. For my final post on this subject, I guess it's appropriate that taxes get the last word. My father died toward the end of January of last y...

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Posted by Karen Chan at 3:03PM on 3/20/2014
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A Year of Fun

A short while back I wrote about a co-worker's quest to pay off their credit card debts (a very worthwhile goal) and how she characterized it as being the "year of suck" because of all the sacrifices they were having to make not using as well as paying down their cards. Several of you wrote with some great advice-especially calling it something more positive like the year of wealth. Our...

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Posted by Pam Atkinson at 10:38AM on 3/17/2014
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MSW ORG A 2014

Get Ready to Learn: Money Smart Week 2014 Is Coming!

Money Smart Week is coming, April 5 to 12, 2014. It's the best time of year to learn anything you want about managing your finances. Why is it the best time? It's all free. There will likely workshops near you . Over 1025 programs will take place...

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Posted by Karen Chan at 2:58PM on 3/12/2014
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Absorbing Life's Punches: The Importance of Saving for an Emergency Fund

Many of us may have heard of the importance of having an emergency fund, but the value it can bring to our lives is often severely understated. Just recently my fiancé and I finalized saving for our very own emergency fund. Less than a week later we realized just how invaluable having a financial cushion can be when we hit a patch of black ice driving, and hit a snowbank. Thankfully w...

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Posted by Sasha Whitley at 3:00PM on 3/6/2014
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How I am Saving $3000 this year with out really trying. Cutting the Cord Part 3

Way back in July I first wrote about cutting the cord on our paid TV. I talked about looking at our options and deciding how we "use" TV and what we watched (what were must watch and what we had on just for background and distraction). Several readers commented on how they too cut the cord and were the better for it. On January 11, 2014 we finally cut the cord and the TV went dark. It w...

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Posted by Pam Atkinson at 1:49PM on 2/25/2014
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