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Sasha Learns  How to Buy a House

Sasha Learns: How to Buy a House - Moving In

As the Sasha Learns: How to Buy a House series comes to an end – the final step in the first time home buying process is moving in! When I first moved to Illinois I went through the moving process with my Moving Moochers blog post, but below are just some mindful tips when moving into your first house!

Not all moving days are created equal

One of the biggest things I learned from moving with more furniture than before was this:

  1. I needed a bigger truck to move all of our stuff
  2. Sunday – Thursday moving is cheaper than Friday or Saturday moves

Since I needed a bigger moving truck, I started looking at local moving places and that we could rent from for our move. One of the biggest things I noticed that by moving on Sunday, I would save $0.40 cents per mile. Now, $0.40 doesn't sound like a lot at first, but we drove our truck over 100 miles and in the end saved over $40+! If you're moving more across states or across country, it may be an option to look at moving services, but remember to compare costs with at least three different places before you make a final decision!

Once you move in – you may need to buy/get rid of some stuff

Moving into a new place can be slightly overwhelming and you may start to have what I call "The NEED to have NEW things" desire. More than once did I have to remind myself "We will be living here a long time, I don't need X right away." Take your time if you're looking to purchase new furniture or other items you may need. Since we lived in apartment before our first home, we didn't have anything for the yard like a lawn mower or weed eater. We checked local selling websites and searched around at flea markets for items. We actually ended up saving almost $200 on a 1-year old lawn mower just by buying it used!

If you do decide to give items away, remember to document the item and put it away for your taxes. The IRS has 8 handy tips for charitable deductions! You can always take pictures of the items before you give them away, and store those photos on an external hard drive or protected cloud with the documents from the charity. That way when tax time rolls around, you have them handy!

Be prepare for the unexpected

Even though it may be tempting to dip into your savings or emergency fund for new household items – don't! You never know when you may have a problem arise with your new house! For example: A week after we moved in we realized we had an issue with our dryer. It stopped in the middle of the drying cycle, thinking it was done, when the clothes were still damp. If we hadn't resolved it ourselves (thankfully) – we would have had to have maintenance men come out to look at it and possibly fix it costing us our emergency fund. Having an emergency fund is so important to have, especially when you have a new house.

Just remember finding affordable moving helps keep your costs down, even if you have to move on Sunday instead of Saturday! Take your time when purchasing new items and if you need something right away try to find it locally, whether it's online, at a flea market or even second-hand from someone you know. Lastly, remember to keep your emergency fund funded! Unexpected expenses can happen at any time and it's better to be prepared in advance!

Thanks Plan Well, Retire Well readers for going on this journey with me! I hope you've learned something new or interesting with my Sasha Learns: How to Buy a House series, I know I sure did! Until next time…

This post finishes the series on Sasha's journey through the puzzling world of buying a house for the first time. You can find other posts in the series by clicking Home Ownership in the Category list on the right side of this page.

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