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Summertime Staycation

Last month I wrote about Vacation Getaways and one of the options that I discussed was the concept of a "Staycation." So, what is a "Staycation?" A "Staycation" is a vacation in which you stay close to your home, exploring the area where you live, or having an opportunity to enjoy the smaller things in life that you may not get to do on a regular basis. Below are some benefits of a staycation as well as some tips for things you can do.

Why a staycation?

According to U.S Census data, Americans move 11.7 times during their lifetime. That's 11 different places you could explore during a staycation! No matter where you live, whether it's Chicago, New York or Florida you start to take the place where you live for granted. A staycation helps you find your love for your city again. One benefit of a staycation is that you can save money on travel expenses by staying in your own house. With hotel and airfare prices being some of the biggest expenses you can incur, a vacation can easily cost you on average $1,000/per person or more for each member of your family. That means a family of four could easily spend over $4,000 on a vacation! With a staycation, you don't incur those costs and can save those funds for other activities with your family!

Things you can do on a Staycation

First, you should check out your local library or city website to see if there are any free events going on that you and your family would want to attend. I recently found out that my city has movies in the park as well as free concerts during the summer. Nothing beats FREE! You could also go see movies during the day to get a better price on movie tickets. If you are adventurous, you could go biking, fishing, or hiking in a nearby park or check out that new restaurant everyone has been taking about lately! Maybe you have always wanted to visit the local museum or local farmer's market. Whatever you decide to do, make it fun! Make a list of the thing you want to, with other family members input, and then go do them!

Enjoy the little things in life

A staycation may be a time for you to enjoy all the things you normally do not get to do. Like finish that book you started reading a few months back or complete some household chores on your "honey-do" list. Whatever it is, don't forget relax and take time out for yourself.

At the end of the day a staycation is what you make it out to be. Although it may be an alternative to a week-long vacation, it's still a time for you to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of work life. During a staycation you can save money by choosing to explore your hometown. You can try new and different activities while still enjoying the little things in life.

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