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Toxins in Canning Lids?

Posted by Nancy Kreith -

Master Food Preserver, Rosemary asked, is there possible toxic ingredients in canning jar lids?

Below is a reply with information from Carol Schlitt, Extension Educator, Nutrition and Wellness.

"Yes – currently all Jarden products, makers of the lids for Ball, Kerr, and Golden Harvest, are manufactured with a BPA plastic. FDA says the amount is well within the "safe exposure" range but many individuals are very concerned about any BPA exposure."

The good thing about home processed foods is that there is a head-space and most of the time jars are stored upright so that exposure to the lid is minimized.

For more information on BPA, please see:

Also, in today's Daily Illini was an article on BPA (how ironic!):

Thank you for bringing this to our attention Master Food Preserver Rosemary!

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