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Large Scale On-farm Composting May 28

Tuesday, May 28 at Tempel Organic Farm in Old Mill Creek, Illinois. All those interested in large-scale composting are encouraged to attend. For more information go to


Livestock producers looking for alternative manure management ideas, horse stable operators, organic and local food growers, municipality administrators, press

Composting provides many benefits, including:

-lessening the potential for groundwater and surface water contamination.

-improving soil quality

-an alternative to inorganic fertilizer.

-decreased manure odor.

-alternative income through sale of compost and tipping fees.

At the workshop, you will learn:

-the benefits of composting.

-Illinois IEPA regulations related to composting.

-permitting and local siting requirements.

-composting basics.

-uses for compost.

Participants will tour an actual composting operation and hear practical information from experienced composters. Participants will receive information on composting techniques.

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