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University of Illinois Extension

Canning Jams and Jellies: Use a Reliable Recipe

Follow Directions Exactly! Reliable recipes have been kitchen tested.

  • They produce the same good results each time.
  • Ingredients are measured.
  • Cooking times and processing times have been set.

Processing Time

  • Each recipe has its own processing time.
  • Follow directions carefully!
  • Time differs with size of jar.
  • Too little can result in spoilage.

Canning Without Sugar

  • Sugar does not preserve the fruit; sugar helps fruit hold it's shape, color and flavor.
  • Splenda® is the only sugar substitute that can be successfully added to replace sugar in fruits and sweet spreads.
    • Saccharin sweeteners turn bitter.
    • Aspartame sweeteners lose their sweetness.

Resources for a cottage food operation