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Safe Food Handling

Making Food Products Safely in your Home Kitchen or Appropriate Kitchen on your Property

Did you know that 1 in 6 Americans will get sick from food poisoning this year alone?

USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service provides information for consumers concerning home food safety: Kitchen Companion – Your Safe Food Handbook

This problem is more serious than many people realize. Food poisoning not only sends more than 100,000 Americans to the hospital each year – it can also have long term health consequences.

Source: USDA Food Safety

Foodborne Bacteria

Foodborne  Bacteria

Spoilage Bacteria

  • Causes food to "go bad"
  • Associated with "off" smell or taste, rarely causes illness

Pathogenic Bacteria

  • Can cause foodborne illness (i.e. food poisoning)
  • Often odorless and tasteless
  • May even cause death

Shopping for Fruit

Shopping for Fruit

  • Do not buy fruit that is damaged
  • Separate! Don't Cross Contaminate!
    • Separate raw meat, poultry and seafood from other foods, such as raw fruit and vegetables
  • Keep fruit cool while transporting
  • Wash fruits under cool running water before using

Unsafe Practices When Cooking

  • Smoking or use of tobacco while preparing food
  • Eating while preparing food
  • Not covering wounds and sores while handling food
  • Pets in the kitchen

Other Resources

  • FSIS's "Ask Karen" – virtual rep: answers to more than 4,000 food safety questions
    • Safe storage, preparation and handling of meat, poultry and egg products and prevention of foodborne illness and disease
    • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at askkaren.gov
  • Contact your local Extension office
  • Contact your local Department of Public Health
  • Contact the Illinois Department of Public Health
    535 West Jefferson Street
    Springfield, Illinois 62761
    Phone 217-785-2439
    Fax 217-782-3987
    TTY 800-547-0466