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Brown Stem Rot

Don't Just Assume it's Sudden Death Syndrome

One of the most feared diseases of soybean is Sudden Death Syndrome(SDS). In quick fashion a previously perfect looking soybean field can deteriorate. The sight of yellow and brown soybean leaves with green veins is the first indication farmers have that they have a problem. We sometimes forget that these foliar symptoms can also indicate a Brown stem rot problem. To determine the actua...

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Corn Survey 2016 confirmed map
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New Corn Disease Identified in Illinois

Posted by N. Dennis Bowman - Corn

Extension Staff Join with other Agencies to Survey Illinois for New Corn Disease The USDA just announced the presence of Bacterial leaf streak in corn, as determined by recent surveys of the Corn Belt states. In Illinois, a cooperative survey was organized with APHIS-PPQ (Animal Plant Health Inspection Service), IDA (Illinois Department of Agriculture), CAPS (Illinois N...

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2016 Weed Control Guide Available

The 2016 Ohio/Indiana/Illinois Weed Control guide is now available as a free downloadable pdf file or a printed copy is available for $15.25 from the Ohio State Extension service...

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Don't be surprised by very low K soil tests this fall!

Better than expected yields and a very dry fall are causing soils to test very low for available potassium (K). Most of the K in corn is in the foliage an is washed back into the soil by rainfall as the residue decays. Some of the K may also be locked into very dry soil clay particles. If you look at annual graphs of soil available K, September is traditionally the low point in the cycle, but norm...

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Soybean not a fan of bright lights/big cities

One of those oddities that I get a question or two about every fall. Why do soybean plants near street/highway lights stay green until frost? While corn plants love light and heat in their rush to harvest. Soybean plants are night owls. The soybean varieties we grow in Illinois are grouped by Maturity groups with groups II, III and IV being the most common in Central Illinois. Soybean p...

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Welcome to Riceworld: First Day at the International Rice Research Institute

ACES Global Academy Diary: Our first day at the International Rice Research Institute was mostly about getting the "lay of the land". We are staying at the IRRI guesthouse which is used to international travelers. The breakfast buffet options included scrambled or poached eggs, Canadian bacon, sausage, fried rice, pancakes, fresh mango and papaya, a sweet roll....

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Welcome to Riceworld

Aces Global Academy Diary: Sunday was a recovery day, it was 29 hours from take-off in Champaign until reaching hotel in Manila amazing and exhausting. Checked in at 1:30 am and woke up in time to check out at noon. Our hosts had arranged a walking tour of the old walled city in Manila called Intramuros (between the walls). We received a basic history lesson on the Philippines and saw some am...

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