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Unknown Insect

A strange little critter is flying or crawling around. Is it just a nuisance or could it be causing some type of serious damage? What should you do?

  • Try not to crush the specimen while collecting a sample.
  • Trapping them in a small jar or similar container often works well.
  • Collect several, if possible.
several insects
  • Try not to handle them with your fingers, scoop them up with a piece of paper or cardboard.
  • Flying insects can be knocked down with quick spray of a pesticide containing pyrethrums.
insect scoop
  • Envelopes and baggies don¬ít protect insects from accidental crushing.
  • Use sturdy containers to help preserve the specimens.

wrong way to store insects

correct way to store insects

  • Insects are easier to handle if they have been killed. One of the easiest ways is to put the insect and container in the freezer.