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Great Weed ID Websites

Posted by Sarah Navrotski -

After visiting the websites linked in this news release, I can now identify the many weeds growing in my yard. I think I have at least one of each!

April 22, 2009

Identify "Early Season" Weeds

As temperatures have finally warmed up in this spring, no-till fields or fields with delayed tillage can rapidly "green up" from the growth of winter and early-summer annual weed species. Knowing what species are present by correct identification is the first step to effective control. Some of the early season weeds may be less common to some producers and possibly more difficult to identify for control purposes.

Two University of Illinois websites can offer help with identification. "Color pictures of many of the early species and a brief description are available at the sites," says John Church, University of Illinois Extension Educator, Natural Resources, Rockford. The first site is from the University of Illinois Extension Pest Management and Crop Development Bulletin at

A number of winter annual pictures, comparisons and descriptions of weed species and their families is included in a fact sheet format. Also available on the University of Illinois website is the North Central Region University publication, NCR 614, "Early Spring Weeds of No-till Crop Production". It is at

For Illinois control recommendations, information is available from the 2009 weekly updates of the Bulletin newsletter which is on line at and from the University of Illinois Agricultural Pest Management Handbook on the web at Publications are also available through U. of I. Extension offices.

John Church
Extension Educator, Natural Resources
Rockford Center
1601 Parkview Ave.
Rockford, IL 61107

Telephone 815-395-5710

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