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Weather Injury on our Plants

All of Illinois has seen and experienced some very different, and not so typical, weather the last two months, and we are still waiting to see what is next. March and April seemed like weather from late spring and, on a few days, even early summer. Since we had all that warmer weather early, many plants were well along in early spring development when the cold weather and even some frosts hit yet...

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scab infected crabapple leaves

Flowering Crabapple and Apple Tree Diseases

Our weather continues to put a lot of disease pressure on our flowering crabapples and apple trees due to the cool and wet conditions. The disease that is easily seen right now is Cedar Apple Rust (CAR). CAR is a two-host rust, and right now, it can be seen on the cedars and junipers as a strange looking gall about the size of a golf ball covered in a bright yellow to orange jelly-like fingers. Th...

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Be Patient and Flexible this Spring

The impact of all our rains is clear while commuting to work, shopping and traveling through the county. Farm fields to backyard gardens will be drying for some time to come. Farmers will be waiting to return to the fields until the soils can be worked again without damage to soil structure and creating compaction. Farmers will be watching any planted fields closely to see the damage caused by all...

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primrose-1355665 1280

It's official, the weather will continue to be weird

Late last week, several weather-related organizations put out a release entitled "Major Cold and Wet Spring Event: Potential Impacts in the North Central U.S. April 26 –May 9, 2017." The story comes from the National Weather Service in partnership with NOAA, USDA Midwest Climate Hub, USDA Northern Plains Climate Hub, Midwestern Regional Climate Hub and the High Plains Regional Climate Cen...

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Is it Time to Plant those Veggies?

That perennial question of "How soon can I plant my garden?" likely has been around since the first garden was planted. Part of the answer stems from knowing what kind of vegetables you are going to sow from seed or put in the garden as transplants. There are things you may need to know before you can answer that question for your own garden. Cool season vegetables are those that can survive o...

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gardening-1645815 1280

What's up with the Weather?

If plants could think, they probably are wondering, "What is going on? Why am I trying to grow in such difficult and changing weather conditions?" I am sure migratory birds and other wildlife are wondering the same thing. There are groups and organizations that monitor just about everything these days, and right now the National Phenology Network (NPN) has been very busy very early in 2017 tra...

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gypsy moth females with egg masses-Phil Nixon

Gypsy Moth numbers rise and IDOA changes strategies

Over the past weekend, the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) posted a news release with changes for this summer on their tactics for managing Gypsy Moths in parts of Kane, Kendall, Will and LaSalle counties. In past years, the public's involvement has been passive in the sense that IDOA announced spray areas and, at the right time, treatments were made based on trap counts and movement of...

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