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2015-04-17 17 52 21

Plant of the Week: Lungwort, Pulmonaria

This week there are two beautiful blue flowers blooming in my garden. Last year I featured Virginia Bluebells as a plant of the week, which are stunning, but this week I want to focus on the Lungwort (Pulmonaria sp.) which is also blooming beautifully.

Lungwort might seem like an odd name, but apparently the origin comes from the plants medicinal uses. The origin of Pulmonaria is from the Latin, pulmoa (lung), because of the considerable medical properties of the plant, which has been used since the Middle Ages to treat coughs and diseases of the chest.

Lungwort makes a great edging plant, general groundcover, or accent plant in the landscape. It prefers light to moderate shade and needs moist soil for foliage to look its best.
It also makes a great alternative to those classic, and possibly over-used shade perennials like Hosta. Its interesting mottled, lance shaped foliage offers a nice background for blue, purple, pinkish flowers in late spring. Check it out now!

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