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Healthy Eats and Repeat

Highlighting Food, Recipes, and Ideas for a Healthy Lifestyle
Veggie Chow Mein - INEP

Best of Broccoli

Posted by Caitlin Huth - broccoli

Similar to my previous post on green peas , I think broccoli is another food that folks tend to like or dislike. I am a fan and grew up eating broccoli, but know that the way broccoli is cooked can really change its appeal. (I used to microwave broccoli in the shared kitchenette in my dorm college – very mushy. And my floor ma...

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cider vinegar

How is Vinegar Made?

Posted by Caitlin Huth - vinegar

If you have never called into an Extension office to ask a question, know that you can - and should. Our educators are able to provide evidenced-based answers to many questions. It happens occasionally that a question is beyond the scope of my knowledge. In those cases, I learn something new myself searching for an answer. So, for any others out there who want to ask "how is vinegar mad...

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Frogs on a Log - SNAP
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Posted by Caitlin Huth - olive

As I write this post today, the sun finally shines after days of gray skies. It is nice to let the light in for as long as it lasts. I am excited that Healthy Eats and Repeat is still going and highlights information about foods and shares recipes for you to try. While I cannot tell you the last time I ate one, let's talk olives this month. Background T...

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Keen on Quinoa

Posted by Caitlin Huth - quinoa

Welcome to the New Year! Whole grains have been trendy for a number of years now. Along with barley, brown rice, oats, etc., there are recipes all around with different "new" whole grains too - like teff, amaranth, farro, etc. Quinoa ( keen-wah) is a fairly new whole grain, but commonly available in stores, simple to cook with, and useable in a variety of recipes. Nutrit...

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Posted by Caitlin Huth - almond

In a previous post , I talked about nuts in general. For the holidays, I decided to write about almonds. Talking about nuts is no longer limited to ways to mix chopped nuts into a recipe. There are more products than ever:  almond milk, flour, dairy-free ice cream, nut butter, salted nuts, candy-coated nuts, et...

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Apple  Walnut and Raisin for Blog
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Blog Special: Holiday Gifts – Part 2, Oatmeal Mixes

Winter and holiday flavors are packed in these oatmeal mixes. This is a tasty, nutritious, and filling gift to give. Besides these four, try other flavor combinations you enjoy. Feel free to use the decorative gift tags for each recipe, and let us know how you made each mix...

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Soup jar for blog

Blog Special: Holiday Gifts – Part 1, Chicken Noodle Soup Mix

If you are looking for a comforting gift this holiday that is nutritious, give this soup mix a try. As winter arrives – along with cold and flu season – consider sharing a flavorful soup to beat the cold. To make it into a give, see the directions below and watch the steps in the video too.  We have...

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