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Squash casserole - video

Blog Special: Winter Squash – Part 3, Squash, Apple, and Cranberry Casserole

As I have said before, a big part of this blog is encouraging everyone to sample new foods and recipes. Winter squash is a veggie with lots of nutrients and inexpensive (unless you buy an enormous, heavy one). If the Butternut Squash Soup recipe from the last blog special was not for you, do not give up on winter squash yet. How you prepare a food can make a big difference between liking and d...

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Squash soup - video

Blog Special: Winter Squash – Part 2, Butternut Squash Soup

A big part of this blog is encouraging you, my reader, to sample new foods and recipes. If winter squash is not something you include on menus – let alone consider at the store – give is another try this season. See a video of how this brightly colored soup is made step-by-step, as well as below. And happy late Thanksgiving from UI Extension!...

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Squash Varieties image

Blog Special: Winter Squash – Part 1, How to Use

A winter squash is an intimating veggie. Not for its looks – winter squashes are so interesting and festive. But from a cooking perspective, home cooks may avoid them.  Fortunately, produce sections of many stores have pre-cut squash for you to use. If you want to prep a winter squash, try these tips to make the process easier, and pick the way that makes sense for you. Along with the d...

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Hay! for Pumpkin

Posted by Caitlin Huth - pumpkin

How this blog has been written for many years, and I have yet to do a feature on pumpkin is beyond me. I am jumping on the fall, holiday, and pumpkin bandwagon now. If your go-to recipes are the usual desserts and sweets, what savory recipes have you tried? If not many, take inspiration from some fun savory options:...

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Barley: Oldy but Goody

Posted by Caitlin Huth - barley

I wonder how often barley ends up in meals? I see it on occasion listed as an ingredient in different ready-to-eat cereals and granola bars, usually as barley flour. Besides beef-barley soup, I rarely think about using it to cook with. For me, it is still not a common food choice, but I have a couple recipes I use it in. What do you do? Nutritionally, 1/4 cup dry pearl barley contains a...

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Pulse on Black Beans

The United Nations declared 2016 the International Year of the Pulse. Now the question is, what is a pulse? These are a variety of different leguminous plants, including dry beans, dry peas, and lentils. Black beans are included. (For information on black eyed peas , see the post from January.) Nutriti...

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Stuffed Image

Blog Special: Summer Squash - Part 2, Tuna-Tomato Melt

How are your gardens doing? This summer, I have heard a mix of folks who have a great crop of tomatoes, while others are struggling. Consider trying these stuffed tomatoes this summer for a quick dinner. Since the tomatoes will soften with cooking, try stuffing these tomatoes in advance and only cooking what you want to eat. With lots of veggies (and a kick of heat), watch how to prepa...

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