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Healthy Eats and Repeat

Highlighting Food, Recipes, and Ideas for a Healthy Lifestyle

National Garlic Month

Get ready to make your kitchen smell as we celebrate National Garlic Month in April. Depending on your feelings, this will either be a welcomed smell or an overpowering odor. One of the most common seasonings used in cooking, garlic adds a unique flavor to a variety of savory dishes, often in small amounts. Learn more about garlic below. Garlic is a member of the onion fa...

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Posted by Caitlin Huth at 8:00AM on 4/9/2014
Categories: chicken food garlic health mushrooms nutrition recipes tomatoes

Fill Your Freezer with Healthy Eats

Happy Anniversary to the "Healthy Eats and Repeat" blog: going 1 year strong. I hope thus far you have found some information each month to help you feel confident in trying new foods and eating healthier. Many of us have had similar routines in food and fitness for years and years, and today is a great time to decide how you will refresh the usual.  What one thing will you do? March is...

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Posted by Caitlin Huth at 8:46AM on 3/12/2014
Categories: amino acids chicken food freezer health nutrition recipes

February is for Fat

Now into February, how well are your healthy habits going? (See " New Year, New Citrus " from January 2014 for more.) If you have not made any healthy habits this year or need a new habit to add, consider fat. With American Heart Month going on now, this is a good time to evaluate your ticker. Mak...

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Posted by Caitlin Huth at 8:48AM on 2/12/2014
Categories: fat food health nutrition recipes

New Year, New Citrus

Happy New Year and welcome to 2014! I hope you will make this a healthy year – continuing the positive choices you already make and adding in new healthy habits. Original readers of "Healthy Eats and Repeat" may remember a goal I had for this blog to help you say "I've got confidence on today's menu" and feel confident in trying new foods and new recipes. In case you had not alrea...

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Posted by Caitlin Huth at 8:16AM on 1/14/2014
Categories: citrus food health nutrition recipes

Healthier Holidays in Baking

Tis the season for holiday baking and, of course, eating! This time of year, there are so many yummy treats to share with your friends and family (and taste buds and stomach). With all those sweets available, and the temptation to resist low, many of us worry about weight gain and overeating at holiday parties and family gatherings. When you do not have control over food offerings, see...

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Posted by Caitlin Huth at 10:48AM on 12/16/2013
Categories: baking food health nutrition recipes

Sleep...From A to Zzzzz

As we finish trick-or-treating this autumn and move into the holiday season, many of us will become busier scheduling holiday get-togethers, coordinating travel plans to see friends and relatives, and digging out those favorite recipes for day-long cooking extravaganzas. Did you plan sleep into your schedule? Most adults – young adults and older adults – need 7&ndash...

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Posted by Caitlin Huth at 10:00AM on 11/15/2013
Categories: amino acids food health nutrition recipes sleep

Kale has Reached "Superfood" Status

Healthy Eats and Repeat welcomes guest blogger and dietetic intern at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Debra Liu! It seems fitting for a 21 st Century Popeye to be downing a can of kale rather than spinach. This is not an attempt to challenge spinach's nutritional value, but kale has gained Justin Beiber-like celebrity status in the vegetable world. Over the past two...

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Posted by Caitlin Huth at 8:20AM on 10/14/2013
Categories: food health kale nutrition recipes