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Healthy Eats and Repeat

Highlighting Food, Recipes, and Ideas for a Healthy Lifestyle

I See Carrots

Posted by Caitlin Huth - carrots
Carrots might be as finicky as peas in terms of how people like or dislike them! Do you prefer them raw or cooked? Regular or baby carrots? Plain or with dip? (In case you wondered, this author likes them raw, as regular carrots (only if they are tender and sweet), and I like them with and without dips.)...

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My Friend, the Potato

In a switch from last month on turnips , most likely an unfamiliar food for many of you, I want to talk about a very common food for most of us: white potatoes. (For a post on sweet potatoes from 2014, go here .) From...

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Turn the Tide for Turnips

Posted by Caitlin Huth - turnip
A focus of "Healthy Eats and Repeat" is to highlight different foods and encourage you to try new foods or familiar foods in new ways. I anticipate this month's topic – turnips – may be in the "new" foods category for many readers. (Look for a future post on turnip greens.) While I do not regularly pick up turnips when shopping, there are occasions when it sounds like a good addition to...

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Black Eyed Peas - Lucky Eats and Repeat

Welcome to 2016! I wish that this be a great year for you, and that this blog be a guide to encourage you to try new foods. What food is good to start the year with? I picked black eyed peas, since they are considered a "lucky" food in the new year. (They must be, since black eyed peas are the only dry legume (besides lentils) I have luck cooking successfully.) Whether they brin...

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Indulgent Chocolate

As a follow-up to this year's February post on cocoa powder , let's talk chocolate. Does it feel indulgent? Does your mouth water thinking about biting into a rich piece of chocolate? From the cacao tree, cocoa beans are removed from their pods, dried, roasted to a desired point, cracked into "nibs," and ground into a paste called coco...

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Bounceberry, Cranberry

Posted by Caitlin Huth - cranberry
The holidays probably bring to mind other foods besides cranberries. While they will not take center stage to classics like turkey or mashed potatoes or pie, add cranberries to your meals for a pop of color, a unique taste, and added nutrition. Some research suggests drinking cranberry juice regularly can help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections. Similar to last months' post on...

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Grab those Grapes!

Posted by Caitlin Huth - celery grapes
Autumn brings a change in leaf colors and temperatures, but also to the selection fruits and veggies in your grocery stores. While available year-round, you will see more, and possibly better quality, grapes in stores in these cooler months. Grapes might be one of the most versatile fruits Americans eat. They come in a lot of different forms – fresh grapes, dried as raisins, jelly, juic...

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