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Healthy Eats and Repeat

Highlighting Food, Recipes, and Ideas for a Healthy Lifestyle

Autumn = Apples

Autumn is on its way. Not just a change in the weather, but time for new seasonal food choices. Did apples come to mind? We may not think of apples as seasonal since we find them in stores year-round and since they are the second most consumed fruit among Americans (Iowa State University, 2013). Since they are in-season around this time of year, this is a great opportunity to discuss th...

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Posted by Caitlin Huth at 8:00AM on 9/11/2014
Categories: apples baking fat food fruit health nutrition recipes

Illinois Summer Complete with Corn

You cannot miss it, the fields upon fields of Illinois corn growing tall (and taller). With those packed acres and so many Illinois towns having corn festivals, it is time to talk corn. Vegetable or Grain? Corn is a grown as a cereal grain, like wheat, rice, or barley. The current food guide – the...

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Posted by Caitlin Huth at 8:00AM on 8/13/2014
Categories: corn food health nutrition recipes

Summer Salute to Pineapple

Sweet, juicy, and refreshing pineapple. Can you imagine yourself sitting under an umbrella on a beach munching pineapple?  Ahhh... While I realize pineapple is in no way part of the local and seasonal foods I normally like to explore (Illinois is certainly not the tropics), this is a great fruit to discuss for summertime. This Educa...

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Posted by Caitlin Huth at 9:10AM on 7/9/2014
Categories: blueberries food fruit health nutrition pineapple recipes strawberries

It's a Berry Good Summer

One tiny berry packs a nutritious and versatile punch as we celebrate the blueberry during National Blueberry Month. Starting in June and throughout the summer, look for subtly sweet blueberries growing locally in Illinois. Nutritionally, blueberries are like many fruits: low in calories, without sodium or fat, and a source of vitamins. A 1/2-cup serving of blueberries contains around 4...

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Posted by Caitlin Huth at 2:18PM on 6/11/2014
Categories: blueberries food health nutrition peaches recipes

Sweet Beginnings of Summer with Succulent Strawberries

Does anything seem quite as delicious as the juicy sweetness of a ripe strawberry? With that tempting vision, you will want to know that May is National Strawberry Month and also a month where strawberries are starting to be grown locally in Illinois (maybe even in your own gardens). A favorite fruit of many, strawberries are a classic nutritious fruit. A 1-cup serving of sliced fresh s...

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Posted by Caitlin Huth at 9:55AM on 5/16/2014
Categories: food freezer fruit health nutrition recipes strawberries

National Garlic Month

Get ready to make your kitchen smell as we celebrate National Garlic Month in April. Depending on your feelings, this will either be a welcomed smell or an overpowering odor. One of the most common seasonings used in cooking, garlic adds a unique flavor to a variety of savory dishes, often in small amounts. Learn more about garlic below. Garlic is a member of the onion fa...

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Posted by Caitlin Huth at 8:00AM on 4/9/2014
Categories: chicken food garlic health mushrooms nutrition recipes tomatoes

Fill Your Freezer with Healthy Eats

Happy Anniversary to the "Healthy Eats and Repeat" blog: going 1 year strong. I hope thus far you have found some information each month to help you feel confident in trying new foods and eating healthier. Many of us have had similar routines in food and fitness for years and years, and today is a great time to decide how you will refresh the usual.  What one thing will you do? March is...

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Posted by Caitlin Huth at 8:46AM on 3/12/2014
Categories: amino acids chicken food freezer health nutrition recipes