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Recycle Your Grass Clippings

Our grass clippings are too valuable to waste! When left on the lawn, properly mowed grass clippings filter down to the soil and decompose rapidly,usually within a few weeks. During the breakdown process, the clippings feed soil organisms, recycle plant nutrients, and contribute organic matter to the soil. These are all great things for our lawns. Research tells us that grass clippings...

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Posted by Beth Allhands -

"Arbor Day….which has already transplanted itself…to every state in the American Union and has even been adopted in foreign lands…is not like other holidays. Each of those reposes on the past, while Arbor Day proposes for the future" said J. Sterling Morton of Nebraska, founder of the first Arbor Day in 1872. Affected by Morton's enthusiasm, the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture even gave pri...

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Savvy Savers - Money Smart Week

April hosts " Money Smart Week " (MSW) from April 22-29, an event started by Chicago-area agencies to bring awareness to money and finances. University of Illinois Extension holds events around the state to assist in this campaign, so look in your area. In DeWitt, Macon, and Piatt counties, take on the Savvy Savers Food Challenge! Downl...

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Using Hydroponics at Home

Posted by Candice Hart - Gardening

Hydroponics continues to be a popular topic in the horticulture industry, but usually it's on a very large, greenhouse scale. But did you know, you can try it easily at home?! If you're not familiar with the term hydroponics, it's a method of growing plants in a nutrient rich water solution instead of soil. Why, you may ask? Because the growth rate can be 30-40% faster in this type of system. A...

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Beware of the Invasive Teasel Plant

As you travel along Illinois highways this time of the year, you may have seen a tall, dried, spiny plant with huge showy seed heads . You might have even considered taking some seed or seed heads home to plant and use as an accent flower or for use in dried flower arrange...

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The Life of Soil

Posted by Beth Allhands -

"... I cannot conceive of the time when knowledge of soils will be complete. Our expectation is that our successors will build on what has been done, as we are building on the work of our predecessors." - R.S. Smith, Director of the Illinois Soil Survey, 1928 R.S. Smith was right, there is still so much to learn about soil, and scientist are discovering new things all the time...

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5 Ingredient Fix

In looking towards our next hands-on food program in March, enjoy a preview of the 5 Ingredient Fix class. Recipes with five ingredients or less help you save money, spend less time preparing and cooking meals, and, in some cases, use a fewer number of dishes. These recipes do have limits on flavors, since few ingredients are used. Register today at 217.877.6042 or online at...

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