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Extension Council Minutes


DeWitt/Macon/Piatt Unit Council Minutes for September 12, 2016

Unit 17 Extension Council meeting – September 12, 2016

The meeting was called to order by Doug Harlan at 6:45 p.m.

Those present: Quint Shambaugh, Randy Shumard, Megan Barth, Dave Mills, Chuck Fay, Meggan Holt, Kristy Powell, Ray Spencer, Betsy Barnick and Emily Zelhart.  Also present: Sherry Fulton, Doug Harlan, Doug Gucker, Amy Leman and Caitlin Huth.

Introductions by the group.

Program Highlight-4-H/Youth Development-Amy Leman/Sherry Fulton: 4-H Ambassadors introduced themselves. They present a project for 4-H National Youth Science Day. They presented about Drone Discovery.  They divided the group up into 3 separate groups and we did an activity flying drones.  The groups then shared their feedback.

Doug talked about the role of the Extension Council.  He explained about the Council’s advisory role in regard to needs identification and program planning. 

The Council voted to continue to meet on the second Monday of the month in September, November, March and May. The November meeting will be in Macon, March in Dewitt, May in Piatt. The meeting will start at 6:30

Doug Harlan gave a description regarding the various accounts that combine to make up the Unit’s fiscal report.  He gave us the reports for Macon, Dewitt, and Piatt.  He doesn’t know anything for the 2017 budget year.  The stop gap budget gave Extension full funding, but he does not know whether or not that money will come through.

Update to signature authority: Because Jennifer Nelson and Karen Traum left Extension, we needed to approve the new signature cards authority.  Doug presented the names and the Extension Council Ok’d them. 

Macon: Harlan, Gucker, Leman, Huth

Piatt: Harlan and Houska

Dewitt: Harlan, Fulton, and Meggan Holt


Carol made a motion and Chuck seconded to keep the same slate of officers.  Motion carried. Officers will be-President: Quint Shambaugh, Vice-President-Scott Burnsmier, and Secretary-Emily Zelhart.


Council Minutes May 9, 2016

The May 9, 2016 Extension Council meeting was called to order by Doug Harlan at 6:35 p.m.

Those present: Meggan Holt, Raeann Huffman, Megan Barth, Kathleen Bell, Scott Burnsmier, Carol Ropp, Judy Coffey, Ray Spencer, Randy Shumard and Betsy Barnick .  Also present: Doug Harlan, Doug Gucker, Sherry Fulton, Amy Leman, Emily Steele, and Caitlin Huth.

A quorum of the Council was not present.  Therefore, the March 2016 Extension Council minutes were not voted upon.  Angela moved and Pete seconded to approve the minutes. Motion passed.

Doug provided the Council with a FY 2016 budget update.  He stated that Extension expected to receive no FY 2016 state funding.  This includes GRF funding for the 30% of each educator’s salary and County Board Match.  Doug stated that the total deficit to the Unit was just over $500,000.  Scott Burnsmier asked if there were plans to cut expenses for the Unit’s FY 2017 budget.  Doug said that he had already talked to the staff – on May 9 at the Unit’s staff meeting – regarding decreasing expenses.  However, he said that cost cutting measures would only save the Unit tens of thousands of dollars – not enough needed to make up the funding shortfall.   If the Unit implements cost savings measures to make up the $500,000 deficit, those measure would have to result in staff layoffs.  Doug told the Council that the Unit has $2 Million in carryover.  He said that he was confident of being able to “weather this storm” for three years before he would have to consider implementing staff layoffs.  He did tell the Council that his FY 2017 budget did include state GRF and County Board Match money.  Doug said that Extension Administration had directed the County Directors to prepare their FY 17 budgets with those figures in it.

Doug Harlan provided the Council with the fiscal report.  The Unit is doing very well.  All three Counties are under budget in regard to expenses.  Collected income is slightly low.  However, Doug said that the April and May Fiscal Reports would show income at a near 100% collection rate.  He said the low income collection amount is normal for a March report.  He said that the Unit normally finalizes all income collection in the months of April and May.  Doug also said that income is short because of the lack of state funding.  Doug asked if there were any questions regarding the fiscal report.  There were none.

Doug provided the Council with an update regarding the Unit’s Civil Rights Compliance Review.  He said that the Unit had done very well.  There were no big issues found during the review.  Doug said that he would not have the final audit report until June.  He did say that the staff had some work to do regarding documenting recruitment efforts and in collecting demographic data.  He asked the Council if they felt the Unit was reaching all of the underserved audiences in the three counties.  The Council felt that the staff was making all reasonable efforts to do so.

Identifying Program Needs:  Doug led a discussion regarding identification of programming needs specifically for the Unit’s DIY series of programs.  Doug told the Council the staff was planning on repeating its DIY programming again in 2017 along with a Holiday DIY program series in October and November of 2016.  The Council had a robust discussion regarding possible topics for the program series.  They included Basic Sewing, Basic Wood Working, Knitting, Making a Home Energy Efficient, Canning Vegetables, Making Short YouTube Videos, Candy Making, Making Yogurt, Pickling, Alternatives for Holiday Wrapping Paper, Basic Quilting, Basics Need to Set up House, and Basic Home Repair.  The staff will review these topics and develop a plan of work for the program series. 

Emily Steele made a presentation to the Council regarding the Unit’s program marketing efforts.  She showed the Council several short videos the marketing staff had made to promote programs.  She also provided copies of some of the more recent marketing pieces sent out.  Emily updated the Council on the Unit’s Social Media marketing efforts and provided data regarding the success of those efforts.

Program highlight: Doug Gucker – Local Food Systems and Small Farms: Doug showed a video of program highlights from the past year to the Council.  He told the Council that programming efforts for 2017 would continue to focus on Local Foods and Small Farms, but there would also be an increase focused on Commercial Agriculture programming.  Doug said that the U of I was losing most of its capacity on campus to provide commercial agriculture programs.  He said he was unsure about the types of programs that would be offered at this time.  Doug said he plans to develop the program plan of work over the next couple of months.  He asked for questions from the Council.  There were none.

Program Updates 

Doug Gucker: Pointed out his report in the book.  He did not have anything further to add.

 Jennifer Nelson:  Was not present.  She is out on maternity leaving.  Doug Harlan pointed out her report in the Council member’s binders.

Amy: 4-H Youth Development (Macon County): Discussed the success that Macon County Robotics teams have had at both the state and World Competitions.  She also discussed the success of the 4-H Health Jam program. 

Sherry Fulton 4-H Youth Development (DeWitt and Piatt County):  Sherry also discussed the success of the Robotics program in Piatt County.  Piatt County had several teams participate in state level competitions.  Sherry also highlighted the success of the 4-H Food Competition for both DeWitt and Piatt County Teams.  She said that 4-H Health Jam had also been a success in Piatt and DeWitt Counties. 

Caitlin: Caitlin highlighted the Food Sanitation Classes and Testing she has been working on the past couple of months.  Caitlin referred the Council to her written report for further program highlights.

Doug Harlan:  Doug had no further updates for the Council.  He did thank the Council for their support this past year.  He said that the next meeting in September would begin a new Council year. 

With no other business, Ray Spencer motioned to adjourn the meeting and Randy Shumard seconded the motion.  The motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.  Next meeting is scheduled for September in Decatur. 

Extension Council Minutes March 2016

The March 14, 2016 Extension Council meeting was called to order by Doug Harlan at 6:45 p.m.

Those present: Pete Daughtery, Chuck Fay, Angela Foulke, Meggan Holt, Raeann Huffman, and Emily Zelhart.  Also present: Doug Harlan, Doug Gucker, Jennifer Nelson, Amy Leman, and Caitlin Huth.

Angela moved and Pete seconded to approve the minutes. Motion passed.

Doug Harlan gave the fiscal report.  Doing very well.  Under budget in expenses and right where income should be for this time of year. Some income to come but won’t come in until May or June.  We are where he likes for us to be at this time of year.  Income is short because of state funding.  State Extension is going to make counties whole with funding but he doesn’t expect to see that until June.  Doug does not expect to see state funding for FY 16.  They are doing well enough to not have to dig into reserves.

Proposed FY 2017 Budget:  Overall $1,547,025.00 for the unit.  It is a balanced budget.  Estimating a county board budget match at 65% for next year, but it is in the governor’s budget at 90%. The FY 2017 budget contains funding to hire a 6th educator and an additional Extension Program Coordinator for the unit. 

Personnel Update: FCS Educator (like Home Economics) funding is in the budget for FY 17.   This Educator position would work on things like budgeting/home economics.  Also looking to hire a program coordinator that would split their time between the new FCS Educator and Caitlin.  He cannot hire anyone even though it is in the budget because there is a hiring freeze.  If it gets lifted, not expected in FY 17, he will pursue the hire.

Identifying Program Needs: Last time we talked about directing programming towards single parent families.  Still on the table.  They would like to get a focus group together to talk about this need.  VA office in Decatur wanted advanced DIY classes like making sausage/bacon.

EEO and Affirmative Action Program Discussion:  Doug discussed the Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action plan which University of Illinois Extension has in place.   He passed out the plan and talked with the group about the plan. If you have an issue or complaint, those should be directed to Doug Harlan and if he can’t resolve it, it will go to campus to be resolved.

Program highlight: Caitlin Huth-Nutrition and Wellness: She passed out magnets.  She does the food service sanitation course and it is a class and includes taking the exam.  It is an 8 hour education course.  The magnets have all kinds of facts that they need to know for the exam.  She also did a part of the game that she is going to do for health jam.  She asked a few questions that were up for discussion for the group.  She also did a test where she put lotion on some of the individuals’ hands and they tested their cleanliness under the black light.


Program Updates 

Doug Harlan:  Will get money from Extension to supplement FY 16 budget.  No one has talked about layoffs, so that is good. They are going through a civil rights compliance review in April.  It is through the university, not federal.  DIY series was wildly successful.

Doug Gucker: Pointed out his report in the book.  They did Annie’s Project.  It was a six session course and they had 9 participants. It was statewide and there were close to 200 women that participated. Looking to do a Level 2 seminar series in the fall.   They had a putting small acres to work seminar.  For landowners with small acreage.  Doug did beekeeping and honey making for the DIY series.  Your soil, your nutrients program was conducted and geared towards large production farmers.

 Jennifer: Did DIY series home brewing.  They had a lot that were really interested in it.  She also did a cheese making class with Caitlin.  A lot of the cheese makers were also home brewers.  They also toured JT Walker’s Brewery.  She has new trainees for the master gardener program.  Having trouble getting Dewitt county people to participate.  DIY series with gardening is really taking off.  Will be having classes on composting, small space gardening.

Amy: 4-H Youth Development: Had 4-H Day at the county board meeting.  They had 15 4-Her’s that were there to sit with the board members.  One of them got to serve as chairman and run the meeting.  On 3/18 they are doing a joint program with master gardeners at the Children’s Museum of Illinois.  Have DIY series coming up on April 9th.  Still need volunteers to help out. 

Sherry Fulton: 4-H Youth Development: Piatt did county board visits in November and Dewitt did it as well.  Robotics are strong in both counties.  Received grant money to help the program grow.  Entrepreneurship programs went very well.  They will be reporting on their programs coming up in the near future. Health Jam will be happening in the next 3 months.

Caitlin: DIY Series she had cheese and sauerkraut classes.  Everyone marked on the evaluation that they were going to try it out at home.  Had a successful tour at the County Market in Decatur.  End of April is money smart week.  She will be doing a free newsletter and tips on money saving on food. 

With no other business, Chuck motioned to adjourn the meeting and Pete seconded the motion.  The motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.  Next meeting is May 9th at 6:30 in Monticello.

November 9, 2015 Extension Council Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Doug Harlan at 6:30 p.m.

Those present: Randy Shumard, Chuck Fay, Karen Cahill, Kathleen Bell, Allison Raiha, Chloe Hugo, Raeann Huffman, Megan Barth, Meggan Holt, Judy Coffey, Scott Burnsmier, Ray Spencer, and Emily Zelhart.  Also present Doug Harlan, Jennifer Nelson, Caitlin Huth, Amy Leman, Sherry Fulton, and Doug Gucker.

Introductions were made around the table.

Randy Shumard moved to approve the minutes and Scott Burnsmier seconded.  Motion carried.

Fiscal Report: Doug H. went over the financials.  No news on the state budget.  Extension, as a state organization, has enough money to make up the difference this year in state funding shortfall.  It is a one-time deal.  There is one mistake that was corrected for Macon.  Other Wages has 2 employees listed and should have only 1.

OMA:  Thought that Extension was in compliance by meeting via conference.  This was incorrect.  The Extension Council now has to meet face to face since it is a public council and has to be open to the public.  Will rotate between the offices.  Next meeting, in March, will be at the Dewitt office.  Meetings will stay at 6:30.

OMA Online Training:  Must complete the training and print out the certificate and send to Doug by March.

Personnel Update: Publicity Promotion Specialist-Emily Steele worked at the Herald and Review and just started November 2nd. New SNAP-Ed Community Worker is Jamie Franklin.  Will be hiring a new SNAP-Ed Extension Program Coordinator.  Will be a 4 person department.

Reaching Under-served Audiences:  Macon County has African American audience and growing Hispanic audience.   Dewitt has a growing Hispanic population as well.   All three counties have a socio-economic class that would be underserved.  Sherry talked about a growing Hispanic population in Bement.  Allison talked about reaching the single mom audience that is above the income threshold to get help from the government.  How do we help them?  

Program Highlight:  Horticulture.  Macon County Master Gardeners won a national award for their tomato project.  They were a 1st place winner in the Workshop category.  They also got a state teamwork award. Started with a weekly garden segment on WAND.  Start talking about varieties in December.  They use 30-40 different cultivars.  February and March they start doing presentations.  At least 2-3 plants of each cultivars are used for the tomato tasting and the rest are used for the plant sale.  Theft is a problem with the plants for the tasting.  June and July they worry about the weather. Late August/early September they decide the date for the tasting.  In the fall they do garden cleanup.

Program Updates:

Caitlin Huth: Kirby’s Kitchen is done for year 3.  She does a program and then works with the cafeteria to prepare a meal.  Working on diet related seminars for this upcoming year.  Bringing back a Do it Yourself series.  Macon county class, your diet/your decade, targeted towards 4 different life spans. 

Jennifer:  Did a don’t throw it, grow it session in Dewitt.  Mental Health Center made their own pumpkin pie from pumpkins they grew.  Worked with squash.

Doug G.: Master Naturalists is off and running.  Had 2 field trips this fall.  Working with Mercy Gardens to produce food on 3.25 acres of vacant city lots.  Have 6 student apprentices.  Where Does my Food Come From program, was recognized as one 1 of 10 best programs out of 34 total presented at a national conference.  Annie’s project will be coming to the area in February 2016. 

Sherry:  Had about 150 at the Achievement night on Saturday.  Alpaca club is a new SPIN club in Dewitt.  Piatt County has the Federation soup supper Saturday night.  Has reached Mansfield this year with Health Jam.  Science Experiments were taught in Bement.  Cerro Gordo is starting a 4-H Food Challenge club.  The third Robotics club is starting in Piatt County.  Shooting sports are doing well as well.

Amy:  Macon County is part of a pilot service leadership program.  It is to reach youth who have never been involved in 4-H before.  Doing it with other counties throughout the state.  Interested in working with the IL colored infants orphans home.  Students want to focus on healthcare and diabetes management.  Junior high 3-D printing entrepreneur club.  They are developing a project that can be presented to Milliken University.  They are working on a business plan with them and then will go to the Foundation Council for funding.  They have their second minecraft club. 

Scott Burnsmier moved and Chuck Fay seconded to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:33 p.m.

September 14, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Doug Harlan at 6:30 p.m.

Those present: Betsy Barnick, Megan Barth, Kathleen Bell, Judy Coffey, Pete Daughtery, Chuck Fay, Angela Foulke, Meggan Holt, Raeann Huffman, Chloe Hugo, Allison Orwako, Randy Shumard, and Emily Zelhart.  Also present: Doug Harlan, Doug Gucker, Jennifer Nelson, Amy Leman, and Caitlin Huth.

Doug H. talked about the responsibilities of the Council.

Pete moved and Chuck seconded to approve the minutes. Motion passed.

Doug Harlan gave the fiscal report.  All counties are doing very well.  They haven’t heard anything from the state about funding.  He doesn’t think they will get more than a 50% County Board match rate for FY16.  Not sure if U of I funding cuts will carry through to Extension.

Elections: Kathleen Bell made a motion to keep the same slate of officers and Allison seconded.  Motion carried.

Quint Shambaugh-President

Scott Burnsmier-Vice President

Emily Zelhart-Secretary


Personnel Update: Publicity and Marketing Specialist, Mindy Peterson left so they are looking to fill the position.  The job post has closed.

Program highlight: Amy Leman- October is National 4-H Science Day.  She passed around flyers and magnets.  They have 2 new robotics clubs.  Grain Wagon for Foundation will be going around during harvest and this year they are working with Maroa FFA to market the grain.  She played a Motion Commotion video.  Group divided into pairs for an activity.  Garfield and Enterprise have a lot of 4-H programs throughout the school year.  Program called spark tank is a high school program they are doing with a 2 year commitment that ends in a community service project.

Program Updates

Jennifer: They had gardens at Decatur Public Library. They added QR codes that link back to the website that explains what the flowers are. Talked about pollinators. Had the Monarch Madness program.  She has had good luck working with Friendship Center in Dewitt County.  Piatt has been discussing a community garden.  She works a lot with the mental health center and is working with Allerton & Bryant Cottage.  They are recruiting for Master Gardener training.

Caitlin Huth:   She is piloting hands on canning lessons.  Looking at adding freezing and dehydrating as well.  She is also offering a food sanitation class.  They are wrapping up year 3 of Kirby’s Kitchen. 

            Doug Gucker: Dena and Doug worked with the youth in June.  They did a, Where does your lunch come from? Program.  Macon County youth working for a gardening program.  Pollination celebration.  Master Naturalist started with classes in the evening.  Tour de Moo took place in August with the Piatt Farm Bureau.  Toured a dairy farm and Plunk Bros.  DIY series starting in late January (beekeeping/beer making/cheese/salsa/sauerkraut) A mini makers fair will be held April 9th.

With no other business, Pete motioned to adjourn the meeting and Angela seconded the motion.  The motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.

Macon County Extension Board May 20, 2015

Macon County Extension Board

May 20, 2015


Members present:  Kevin Meachum, Tim Dudley and Patrica Cox – Macon   County Board

Macon County Extension Council:  Chuck Fay and Carol Ropp were invited but unable to attend

       Doug Harlan – County Extension Director



Kevin Meachum called the meeting to order at 5:01 pm. 


Doug Harlan opened the meeting with a fiscal report.  He provided the Board members copies of Macon County Extension Unit’s FY 2015 budget and expense report.  Doug noted that the Unit continues to operate in the black.  He noted that the State had made only one quarter County Board Match (CBM) payment to date.   Doug stated that Extension was in jeopardy of losing the other three quarters of CBM payments.  IDOA had “zero’d” out the Extension line in their FY 15 budget and moved the Extension CBM funds into their reserve fund.  The Director of Extension had met with the IDOA Director on May 18th.  No information was provided as to when Extension would be receiving its CBM funds.  Doug told the Board that if CBM funds were not received, Macon County Extension would lose $230,469 in funding.   


Doug presented the Unit’s FY 2016 Budget and the FY 2017 proposed budget.  The Unit is asking for a 3% increase in it tax levy for FY 2017.  This constitutes an $11,612 increase in funding raising the tax levy amount to $398,686 from the County Board for this budget.  Doug stated that the Unit was projecting $67,493 in budget reductions from the state for FY 16 and again in FY 17.  He said that Macon County Extension was currently using .02468 of its authorized .05 mil tax levy.  Doug estimated that with the 3% increase the tax levy would increase only to an estimated .0247.  Doug explained that the state budget reductions were found in the already announced 20% reduction in CBM funding.  This reduces the State’s CBM rate from 75% to 65%.  Also, there will be an estimated 15% reduction in General Revenue Fund (GRF) support for Extension from the University.  He also stated that only Union Employees would be receiving pay increases in FY 16.  He did tell the Board that Extension Administration had told County Directors to plan for a 2.5% pay increase in FY 17.  Finally, Doug reminded the Board that Macon County Extension had not asked for any increase in its tax levy funding for five years.   


Both Meachum and Dudley asked questions about how Doug planned to make up the funding shortfall.  Doug told the Board that he was planning on using grants (4 of them) and additional funding support from other local funders to make up the majority of the funding shortfall.  Doug reminded the Board that the Macon County Tax Levy only makes up 40% of the County’s overall budget.  The rest of the budget is made up of locally raised money and state, federal and grant funding.  Meachum and Dudley thought asking for a 3% increase in the tax levy amount was completely reasonable.   


Kevin Meachum made a motion to approve the tax levy request of $398,686.  Tim Dudley seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously  


Tim Dudley made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  The motion was seconded by Patrica Cox.  The Extension Board meeting ended at 5:25 pm.


Submitted by Doug Harlan

March 2015 Council Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Doug Harlan at 6:33 p.m

Those present: Greg Anderson, Betsy Barnick, Megan Barth, Scott Burnsmier, Judy Coffey, Meggan Holt, Allison Orwako, Raymond Spencer, Julia Taraszewskit, and Emily Zelhart. Educators Present: Caitlin Huth, Jennifer Schultz-Nelson, Doug Gucker, and Sherry Fulton.  Doug Harlan were also present.

Scott moved and Megan seconded to approve the minutes. Motion passed.

Doug Harlan gave the fiscal report.  The unit is doing very well on the income side.  There was a suggestion to put page numbers on the fiscal report to follow along easier.  The FY 2016 budget was presented to look over.

Scott made a motion and Julia seconded to approve the FY 2016 budget as presented.  Motion passed.

The state budget has a 20% reduction in County Board Match funding from the Dept. of Ag budget.  $102,000 cut in unit money if it goes through and a $2 million cut to extension as a whole.  U of I has been told to cut 31.5% in general revenue funding (GRF) from the state.  They are not sure if that will trickle down to Extension or not.   

Personnel Update: Program coordinators are fully staffed.  There is a new educator position in FY16 budget.  Doug wants to hire a consumer science and economics educator.

Under-served Audience:  A discussion was held to identify new under-served audiences in the Unit.  The Unit staff have already identify the African American population is Decatur, and is currently working with this group.  The growing Hispanic audience has previously been identified in DeWitt County.  Programs are being done to address the needs in that audience.  Socio-economic audiences in all three counties have been identified.  Programming is being done to address those audiences.  Women in Agriculture have also been identified as an under-served audience.  The Unit is currently working on presenting Annie Project, a program specifically designed to assist Women in Agriculture, again in FY 2016.  No other additional audiences were identified during the discussion.  If you have any additional ideas, forward them to Doug H. at any time.

Identifying Programming Needs: Talked about where programs are advertised and how we can get more publicity for programs.  Need replacement for Dewitt and Macon County individuals on the Extension Council.

Program highlight: Caitlin Huth.  She discussed calibrating thermometers.  Each group spent time calibrating thermometers in their office.  They get a lot of phone calls on food safety and how long you can keep food around.


Program Updates

Doug Gucker: Had a cover crop field day December 4th.  They dug soil pits so they could see what was going on below the surface.   Beer breweries are looking for more hops growers in IL so they are looking into that.  They had 3 farm bill meetings, a pesticide applicator training, a fruit tree pruning seminar with 12 individuals present and a backyard beekeeping class that went very well.  Annie’s project didn’t happen but may get started statewide and be based out of our office.  Site facilitators have to participate in a day long training.

Jennifer: Master Gardeners Macon Co. received an international award but has to be kept a secret until Sept.  People were using info that they gathered from their tomato panel.  Facts and figures from Piatt and Macon Co. were presented.  They had 1 trainee interested from Dewitt County.  DIY classes-1/3 of attendees had never been to an extension class before.  Has launched a home brewing club in Monticello.  Gardener’s day coming up at Allerton.

Amy Leman:  Did a video for her report since she couldn’t attend the meeting.

Sherry Fulton: Over 140 @ the International night on Saturday.  Dewitt and Piatt have robotics club.  Piatt held their Welcome to the Real World program.  They had a Living the dream program with 8th graders in Clinton and Monticello to talk about dreaming and how to set goals.  Piatt County still does SPIN clubs.  Gearing up for the fair-fair books are out.

Caitlin Huth:   Very good sources with hands on quick breads classes.  If council sees other DIY projects that would be good to do, let her know.  Kirby’s Kitchen starting 3rd year.

With no other business, Megan Barth motioned to adjourn the meeting and Greg Anderson seconded the motion.  The motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.

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