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It is an interesting time to produce beef

Posted by Teresa Steckler - Other

As you may know I like to read from various (and numerous) outlets. Let's just say the news lately has been rather interesting.  Here's a synopsis of what is out there - which may have a huge impact on beef production in the US. U.S. halts Brazilian fresh beef imports due to safety concern s. U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue on Thursday announced the su...

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USDA revises Angus certification requirements

By Tom Johnston on 5/24/2017 USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service (A...

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USDA forecasts 2.3% growth in 2018 beef production

This article was published by Feedstuffs and can be found here .   The...

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Ammonia and major global ag areas

Posted by Teresa Steckler - Weather

For those of you that follow my blog, you know that I try to bring to your attention articles that I come across that may or may not be interesting to read.  I read this article on Feedstuff's website and found it interesting.  I have not looked into the data so be a little speculative.  The article can be found...

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GAO urges more oversight of antibiotic use in food animals

By Meatingplace Editors The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) is calling for the federal government to establish more specific guidelines and increase data collection on the use of medically important antibiotics in food animals. In a...

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Pink slime development

Does anyone remember the pink slime issue that occurred around 2011-2012?  I had completely forgotten about it.  However, I just read that the suit brought against American Broadcasting Companies Inc. (ABC) by Beef Products Inc. (BPI) will proceed to trial.  South Dakota circuit court Judge Cheryle Gering of the Union County Circuit Court in Elk Point, S.D., advanced a potential $5.7...

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Make sure to know what you are feeding

Every year a revised listing of the nutritional composition of feedstuffs is made available.  The new table is now available...

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