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GAO: Gaps still exist in food animal antibiotic reporting

This article was on the Feedstuffs website (Jacqui Fatka). GAO says gaps it found in farm-...

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Another big meat processor invests in plant-based proteins

I find this to be an interesting concept for the protein based companies.  I originally found the article on MeatingPlace. Canadian meat processor Maple Leaf Foods announced it has signed a definitive agreement with Brynwood Partners VI L.P. to acquire Lightlife Foods, a leading manufacturer and brand of refrigerated plant-based protein foods in the United States, for $140 milli...

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Check Conformation (Especially Feet/Legs) Before Purchasing

Posted by Teresa Steckler - Health

"Spring" calving is well underway. Other than hearing reports of cows and calves with pneumonia, it has been relatively quiet thus far. So now is the time to seriously begin considering when to rebreed your cows. I am not going to discuss EPDs – others can cover that topic. Rather I want to discuss a nagging problem I see in our herds today and the problem is not endemic to any specific...

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Cattle industry still in expansion mode

With all the information out there and lack of key data, especially from the USDA, makes forecasting the cattle industry very daunting.  The USDA released its comprehensive Cattle report, which includes survey-based estimates of the all cattle and calves inventory, the calf crop, beef and dairy cow inventories, and a variety of other inventory estimates. James Minert, Purdue Extension, has used...

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Beef Resource Guide

As we all know there are a myriad of rules out there; local, state, and federal.  I think I heard somewhere that every American breaks multiple laws each day because they are simply not aware of them!  Several groups in IL - IL Beef Association, IL Farm Bureau, IL Milk Producers Assoc, and IL Pork Producers - came together to sponsor the Beef Resource Guide for cattlemen.  The purpose...

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COOL for Each State?!

This is an interesting twist on the COOL situation.  As most people know COOL was deemed "illegal" (for the lack of a better term at the moment) by the World Trade Organization.  I read these on the MeatingPlace website. State to consider country-of-origin labeling 2/1/2017 A group of South Dakota state congressmen has...

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What pigs eat matters to millennials

Posted by Teresa Steckler - Other

All right before someone throws the gauntlet at me for reporting a pork article, one just needs to read to the end.  The lack of knowledge about food production is rampant in our society - too few are actually involved in agriculture now.  Also unfortunately, some of those lacking basic ag knowledge may become those in "power" at the local, state, and federal levels of government.  Ag needs to sho...

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