Ben Sliwinski, PE, LEED, AP

Ben J. Sliwinski is technical director of the Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has 30 years' experience as a project manager and principal investigator on interdisciplinary research projects involving energy systems simulation and analysis, design optimization of energy systems, software development, data collection, statistical data analysis and utility program evaluation. He has provided consulting services to utilities, government agencies and private research organizations in the areas of building energy efficiency, energy system modeling and energy data analysis. Sliwinski has a master of science degree in nuclear engineering from the University of Illinois, specializing in heat transfer and fluid mechanics, and has completed three advanced courses in systems simulation and optimization in the university's Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering. He has a bachelor of science degree in general engineering from the University of Illinois, specializing in mathematics and computer science.