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University of Illinois Extension serving Fulton, Mason, Peoria and Tazewell Counties

Main Office (Tazewell County)
1505 Valle Vista Blvd
Pekin, IL 61554-6245
Phone: 309-347-6614
FAX: 309-347-5472
Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm (Closed Noon - 1 pm)

Branch Office (Fulton County)
15411 N IL 100 Highway
Lewistown, IL 61542-9468
Phone: 309-547-3711
FAX: 309-547-3713
Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm (Closed Noon - 1 pm)

Branch Office (Mason County)
127 S High St, Ste 1
Havana, IL 62644-1496
Phone: 309-543-3308
FAX: 309-543-6239
Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm (Closed Noon - 1 pm)

Branch Office (Peoria County)
4810 North Sheridan Rd
Peoria, IL 61614-5928
Phone: 309-685-3140
FAX: 309-685-3397
Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm (Closed Noon - 1 pm)

Commercial Agriculture

Commercial Agriculture

Featured Websites

Additional Websites

  • Certified Livestock Manager Training
    The site gives information about commercial haulers, state and federal rules, manure share program, and the Illinois Manure Management Plan.
  • Soybean Rust (USDA)
    The latest USDA informaton on soybean rust.
  • Agricultural Safety and Health
    The Agricultural Safety and Health program seeks to provide research-based information and resources that assist individuals and organizations in the understanding and prevention of injury and illness while working in and around Illinois agriculture.

Local Resources and Information

  • 2017 Illinois Farm Economic Summit PDF
    The Profitability of Illinois Agriculture: Managing Financial Stress | Five date and location options.

  • Bird Flu Briefing
    What small producers and backyard enthusiasts need to know about Avian Influenza. Professor Ken Koelkebeck, University of Illinois Kyle Cecil, University of Illinois Extension Andrew Larson, University of Illinois Extension For more information and resources, please visit:

  • Cash Farm Lease forms
    Cash Farm Lease forms are available as a pdf file. You can type in them and print, or print blanks to fill in by hand. They can't be saved. Click on learn more to go to the form.

  • Certified Livestock Managers Training - Online Moduals
    This program focuses on educating Illinois livestock producers in environmental stewardship and best management practices for their operations. Producers who participate in this program gain knowledge on the best ways to manage and utilize their manure.

  • Farm Assets Conference - Nov. 21 2017 PDF
    Flyer for general marketing purposes. More details available online at

  • Illinois Farm Custom Rate Sheets PDF
    A combined document that includes the summary, tractor, field operations, harvest operations, and forage operations. Originals found at

  • Illinois Farm Management Handbook
    Crop Budgets, Historic Corn and Soybean Returns, Machinery Costs, Illinois Farmland and Price Rent Data, Farm Leasing and Rent Forms, and much more.

  • Iowa Farm Custom Rate Survey
    To help both custom operators and people who hire custom work done to arrive at a reasonable rate for each service contracted, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach conducts an annual survey of farm custom rates.

  • the Bulletin
    Pest management and crop development information for Illinois.

  • WILLAg
    WILL Agriculture's mission is to distribute regionally, nationally, and internationally information and analysis of commodity markets and agricultural weather.

Additional Topics

4-H Youth Development Horticulture Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Environment and Energy Stewardship Community and Economic Development Leadership and Local Government Local Food Systems and Small Farms Nutrition and Wellness Schools Online