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Facts for All Ages

You are as young or old as you feel

  How you feel about aging and your age can actually affect your overall well-being and health. Negative stereotypes in our media and our peers us also can affect how we feel about ourselves. However there is hope; we can turn around our negative thinking, reframe our views and, in turn, improve our health. Research over the past twenty years has shown repeatedly that having a n...

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What s the Spin

What's the Spin on Fidget Spinners?

Posted by Karla Belzer - Parenting

"Mom, can I please take my spinner into the meeting?" "No, honey, there is no reason why you need to have that in the meeting." "But, Mom, having it will help me concentrate better. It will help me pay attention." So went the conversation with my 9-year old, begging me to let him bring the latest toy craze, his fidget spinner, into a club meeting that he attends...

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Make Fall Prevention Part of your Spring Cleaning

A fall can be a life-altering event when it comes to health, well-being and quality of life. Back in February, I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Jake Sosnoff of the Illini Fall Prevention Clinic speak. He is such a wealth of knowledge that I wanted to share his knowledge with all of you. This month Dr. Sosnoff has written a gem of an article on falls. I hope you find it as interesting and engag...

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Learning and Fun on Family Field Trips

Learning and Fun on Family Field Trips What is a family field trip? When you and your child travel into the wide world with learning as your goal, you are on a field trip! Your destination can be as close as the front porch or as distant as a museum in another town. What are the secrets of successful family field trips? Plan with care. Where...

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Good Communication is Important

Good Communication is Important Good communication is essential in all aspects of our lives, but it can sometimes be hard to accomplish. In a time where people have never been more "connected" to each other w...

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A Close Look at Caregiver Concerns

Throughout 2017, I'll be taking a close look at common concerns that caregivers experience, such as important caregiving skills, asking for help as a caregiver, and understanding your loved one's condition. Watch all of these videos at our YouTube page , where you can subscribe to receive updates when new videos are posted (simp...

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Handling Children's Conflict

Recently my niece posted a copy of a contract that her father developed when she and her brother were little that set out the rules for playing with Legos.  The contract has 6 (!) segments, with my favorite stating that the contract starts on February 12, 1995, it ends at the year 2002, with a new contract written at that time.  If no new contract is written at that time, then my nephew gets the L...

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