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Can Technology Affect our Memory?

I get asked by the participants of my Wits Fitness Brain Training classes "how is technology today affecting our children's memory or ability to remember?" Good question. In the Wits Fitness classes, we do many activities that "exercise" m...

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Keeping an Eye on Your Child’s Vision Tips from the Illinois Early Learning Project

Keeping an Eye on Your Child's Vision

What is more beautiful than your child's bright eyes? How well he sees with those eyes is important to his learning and development. Parents and teachers need to be aware that a child might not know if his vision is normal. Arrange for regular vision screenings. Newborns are checked for general eye health in the hospital nursery and at well-baby...

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Online health information - Is it reliable and still relevant?

  Many people today turn to the World Wide Web (www) as their source for information to solve problems, answer questions and even for their medical advice. You can now watch "how to" videos on so many things. Nevertheless, how do we know that the website that we land on has solid, reliable, trustworthy information? I mean, everything on the internet is true…right? No, unfortuna...

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Summer has started – What is on your summer bucket list?

We are almost two weeks in to summer, and for me that is a little sad because that means the longest day of sunlight has already come and gone. In addition, as I look at the calendar, we are in the midst of celebrating the Fourth of July. I always look forward to watching the fireworks, though! That is always on my "summer to-do list." What are the things that...

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Prevent Vacation Stress

Do vacations have to be completely stress-free to be enjoyable? No, of course not. When we stop to think about the fact that children on vacation are often away from what is predictable and familiar in their home life and routines, it is easier to understand wh...

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You are as young or old as you feel

  How you feel about aging and your age can actually affect your overall well-being and health. Negative stereotypes in our media and our peers us also can affect how we feel about ourselves. However there is hope; we can turn around our negative thinking, reframe our views and, in turn, improve our health. Research over the past twenty years has shown repeatedly that having a n...

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What s the Spin

What's the Spin on Fidget Spinners?

Posted by Karla Belzer - Parenting

"Mom, can I please take my spinner into the meeting?" "No, honey, there is no reason why you need to have that in the meeting." "But, Mom, having it will help me concentrate better. It will help me pay attention." So went the conversation with my 9-year old, begging me to let him bring the latest toy craze, his fidget spinner, into a club meeting that he attends...

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