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Dying with indigo

Dyeing with Indigo, Colors of Nature

Posted by Kristin Bogdonas - DIY

Happy National Garden Month! This month I will highlight several fun DIY projects using natural dyes, many of which you can find in your kitchen or backyard. April is the perfect time to explore some of these plant-based dyes adding color to your spring, naturally.

Today, I'll share some creative ways to dye with indigo. Indigo is my personal favorite because it works exceptionally well on cotton (many natural dyes don't). It is derived from a plant and is one of the oldest dyes used for coloring fabrics.

As you can see in the picture, you can dye almost anything. With just half a batch of the mix we ordered, we successfully dyed 8 shirts, fabric for window curtains, 1 pair of socks and 4 bandanas. We could've done more but we ran out of things to dye!

There are many ways to fold your fabric to achieve some special effects. One of the techniques I used is called shibori. By using rocks, wooden blocks, rubber bands and different folding methods, you can make some pretty cool designs.


For more information on how to dye with indigo, check out this indigo dye kit instruction manual.


Want more naturally dyeing ideas? How to dye eggs with natural pigments: a step-by-step guide.

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