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How-to: Baked Eggs Benedict

April 16th has been declared as National Eggs Benedict Day. The secret to making this breakfast just right is making a perfect poached egg. There is a little skill involved so I will tell you how to make a flawless poached egg in the directions below. Don't forget the hollandaise sauce! I will show you how to make a simple variety with less fat and sodium.

Baked Eggs Benedict Recipe (Printable PDF version)

Serves 12


  • 1 dozen eggs
  • 6 English muffins– split
  • Spinach or arugula
  • Sliced low-sodium ham or smoked salmon

For hollandaise sauce:

  • 1 cup light sour cream
  • 3/4 cup light mayo
  • 2 Tbs lemon juice
  • 2 tsp yellow mustard
  • Pepper to taste


1. Make the sauce. Mix sauce ingredients in a small pan and heat over low heat. Keep warm.

2. Poach eggs. Fill a high-sided saute pan 1/2 full with water and 1 Tbs vinegar, bring to a simmer. Strain excess egg white using a sieve- this step is essential so you won't have "fly-aways". After straining the excess liquid, carefully slide egg into simmering water and cook for 3 minutes. (see pictures above)

3. Layer English muffin with ham/salmon, spinach/arugula, egg, hollandaise sauce.

4. Place onto a baking sheet and bake for 10 minutes at 350° in oven or toaster oven. Sprinkle with chopped basil leaves for a garnish and serve warm.


There are many variations to this classic breakfast- swap out the ham for smoked salmon in Eggs Hemingway; bacon and tomato for Eggs Blackstone; black beans, salsa and a corn muffin for Benedict Rancheros.

Looking for more ideas? Start with a base of bread- English muffin, brioche toast, corn muffin or waffle, top with a perfectly poached egg and add these tasty twists:

  • Avocado, cilantro-lime dressing
  • Tender crab or shrimp with homemade hollandaise
  • Turkey bacon, cherry tomatoes and spinach
  • Mole sauce, corn salsa and cilantro
  • Sautéed mushrooms, arugula and green onion

Thinking of dyeing Easter eggs this weekend? Check out this post Dyeing Eggs with Natural Pigments for step-by-step guidance when using vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices to color your eggs, naturally!

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