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Kristin Bogdonas
Extension Educator, Nutrition and Wellness
University of Illinois Extension
321 W 2nd Avenue
Milan, IL 61264
Phone: 309-756-9978
FAX: 309-756-9987

Nutrition and Wellness

Nutrition and Wellness

Nutrition and Wellness

When you support University of Illinois Extension you contribute to the cornerstone programs of SNAP-ED and EFNEP, and other programs in nutrition and those programs reach more people with nutrition education than any other source in the nation. Participants in both SNAP-ED and EFNEP learn to select fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low fat dairy products for a healthy diet, be physically active, and store and handle food so it is safe to eat.   These programs increase the likelihood of food security for participating families by giving them the tools to make the most of their food budget dollars, the desire and understanding to make healthy selections from among food they can afford, and the ability to prepare nutritious and appealing meals with those foods.  Extending knowledge, changing lives.

When you support University of Illinois Extension you support the long-term cost benefit evaluations that have been done for Family and Consumer Sciences programs that indicate that the investment in Family and Consumer Sciences pays for itself – that is, the returns to the nation in terms of reduced long-term costs and increased productivity are greater than the entire public and private investment.  If resources were available for this type of evaluation for more programs, it is likely that it would show that Family and Consumer Sciences Extension programming pays for itself many times over.  Extending knowledge, changing lives.

When you support University of Illinois Extension you contribute to the overall programs that involve food, nutrition and health.  Different categories of food, nutrition, and health include nutrition and food preparation, physical activity and healthy lifestyles, food security, food safety, chronic disease prevention and management, and health literacy and health insurance literacy.  Extension differs from social service organizations in that it targets prevention education before significant problems arise or just as difficulties emerge, while social service organizations typically provide intervention services to those who have been clearly identified as having that need.  Preventing problems before they happen, through education, is more effective and more economical than intervention or remediation after unhealthy behaviors have become entrenched.  Extending knowledge, changing lives.

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