University of Illinois Extension
The Illinois Steward

Fall 1994/Winter 1995

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Volume 3, Number 4
Fall 1994/Winter 1995

Stewardship—A Personal Perspective: Giving Something Back

Michael Bolin

Conservation Easements and Their Use in Illinois

Joseph Roth

Regaining a Sense of Place: Exploring the Sangamon River Valley

Charles A. Schweighauser

Masters of the Night: Illinois' Misunderstood Bats

Joyce Hofmann

Par for the Course: Stewardship at St. Charles Country Club

Peter V. Leuzinger

Wood Composites: High-Quality Products from Low-Quality Trees and Wood Residue

Poo Chow and Michael Bolin

1994 Photo Contest Winners

Focal Point: Equipment

Michael R. Jeffords

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