University of Illinois Extension
The Illinois Steward

Spring 2002

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Volume 11, Number 1
Spring 2002

Living on the Fringe of Farmland

Debra Levey Larson

Thomas J. Burrill's Forest Tree Plantation: Today's Illini Grove

Cleora J. D'Arcy, Jeffrey O. Dawson, and Gary J. Kling

Exotic, Invasive Species in Illinois

Robert N. Wiedenmann

The Color Purple: An Education Program About Exotic Species

Susan L. Post, Robert N. Wiedenmann, Michael R. Jeffords, and David Voegtlin

Getting a Hold on Kudzu Before It Gets a Hold of Us

William McClain, John E. Ebinger, Jody Shimp, and Terry Esker

Focal Point: Ecological "Ugly"

Michael R. Jeffords

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