University of Illinois Extension
The Illinois Steward

Fall 2002

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Volume 11, Number 3
Fall 2002

If We Could Start Over... Lessons Learned from the Illinois River

Richard E. Sparks

Time Along the River

Susan L. Post

A Look Back: Harvesting the River

Sue Huitt

From Buttons to Bullheads to Bushels: The Illinois River Economy

Lorri Coey

Direct Seeding of Trees

Mark J. Cender

Emiquon—A Place of Hope on the Illinois River

Douglas Blodgett

Youth on the Illinois River: Stewardship Experiences that Last a Lifetime

Robin G. Goettel

Building Barriers to Invasive Species

Irene Miles

In a Place Called Illinois: Chautauqua National Wildlife Refuge

Susan L. Post

Voyages of the Anax

William McClain, with Katie Roat and Tom Lerczak

Focal Point: Tracks

Michael R. Jeffords

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