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The Illinois Steward

Fall 2003

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Volume 12, Number 3
Fall 2003

Northeastern Illinois Wetlands

Gives a primer on the origins, kinds, locations, and value of the many varied wetlands present in the northeastern part of our state.
Susan L. Post

A Northeastern Illinois Wetland Sampler

Susan L. Post

Go Native in Water Gardens

Irene Miles

Isn't It Grand! The Friends of the Grand Prairie

Tells of the beginnings and the work of one of the premiere volunteer organizations involved in protecting and restoring the remaining prairie parcels in east-central Illinois.
Mary Kay Solecki

The Big Shake: The New Madrid Earthquakes

Of 1811-1812 recounts the events surrounding these quakes, the effects on the land and its inhabitants, and their responses to these tumultuous happenings.
William McClain

Pest Resistance and Adaptation—Reasons for Integrated Pest Management

Reports the latest on the ability of agricultural pests to adapt to and circumvent both chemical and cultural control practices.
Michael E. Gray and Patrick J. Tranel

The Illinois Steward Calendar

Tells how to obtain this first-ever calendar produced by The Illinois Steward staff.

Focal Point: The Simple Things: Be a Know-It-All

Michael R. Jeffords

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