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The Illinois Steward

Spring 2005

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Volume 14, Number 1
Spring 2005

In a Place Called Illinois: Spiny Softshell Turtle

Describes the life of this unique reptile.
Susan L. Post

Spring Flowers

Portrays spring wildflowers as objects of art and beauty.
Michael R. Jeffords

Spring Flowers

Expresses wildflowers as an essential part of the mosaic of Spring.
Robert J. Reber

A Glimpse of the Depths at a Shallow Pond

Recalls an encounter with a snapping turtle.
Don Gardner

Returning the Soil to the Land: The Mud to Parks Project

Describes the Herculean task of putting eroded soil back on the land.
John C. Marlin and Rober G. Darmody

Secrets of the Mushroom Hounds

Pays tribute to the accomplished mushroom hunters throughout Illinois.
William McClain

Avoid Ecophobia: Let Kids Love the Earth Before You Ask Them to Save It

Examines our approaches to environmental education for children.
Katie Johnson Slivovsky

Focal Point: Extremes

Comments on the limits of photgraphers and their equipment.
Michael R. Jeffords

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