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The Illinois Steward

Summer 2005

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Volume 14, Number 2
Summer 2005

In a Place Called Illinois: One Tin Trumpet

Speculates about ivory-bills in Illinois.
Susan L. Post and Michael R. Jeffords

Garlic Mustard – Understanding the Beast

Calls for help in controlling garlic mustard.
S. Raghu and Susan L. Post

Natural Areas Day: October 6, 1972 – Beginning of the Natural Areas Association

Recalls a seminal meeting for the natural areas movement.
William McClain

A Passion for Prairie

Chronicles one person’s lifelong fascination with prairie.
Robert J. Reber

A Pond Revisited...

Summarizes recent restoration efforts at the Allerton pond.
Karyn McDermaid, Nathan Beccue, and Anton G. Endress

Soil Conservation and Improved Water Quality: A Long and Winding Road

Explains soil erosion estimates and what they mean.
Gregory McIsaac

Focal Point: Photography as Life

Proposes photography as a metaphor for life.
Michael R. Jeffords

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