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The Illinois Steward

Winter 2005

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Volume 14, Number 4
Winter 2005

In a Place Called Illinois: Caring for the Chicago River

The complexity of caring for a river in an urban context.
David Schejbal

Chicago's First People

Introduces readers to Native American cultures that once inhabited the Chicago area.
Thomas E. Emerson

Pockets of Diversity

Highlights Illinois Nature Preserves found in the Chicago River watershed.
Susan L. Post

The Social Evolution of the Chicago River

Examines Chicagoans’ changing attitudes toward and relationships with the Chicago.
David Schejbal

Invasive Species Key in Chicago River Planning

Explores the management challenges posed by invasive species.
Irene Miles

Reclaiming an Urban River

Chronicles the recent progress in bringing back the Chicago River.
Cathy Hudzik


Acknowledges the guidance of a mentor in developing entomolgic and photographic skills.
Michael R. Jeffords

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