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The Illinois Steward

Summer 2006

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Volume 15, Number 2
Summer 2006

In a Place Called Illinois: The Corps of Discovery - A Reincarnation

Tells about a project that helps ordinary citizens communicate the aesthetic appeal of nature.
Michael R. Jeffords and Susan L. Post

The Illinois Wildlife Action Plan: Keeping Common Species Common

Introduces a plan to keep everyday species of wildlife a part of our natural heritage.
Jeff Walk

Mysteries of the Trail-Marker Trees

Questions the origins and purposes of uniquely shaped trees that were once scattered across the Illinois landscape.
William McClain

Painted Ladies Teach Scientific Inquiry

Describes a 4-H youth program that uses painted lady butterflies to teach basic biological concepts and foster a love of nature.
Madonna Weese

Managing Riparian Forest Buffers

Explains the importance of forests along waterways and what landowners can do to preserve their ecological functions.
Lyle Guyon

A Guest FocalPoint: Encounter with a Mink

Describes a mind-changing encounter with a mink.
James Anderson

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