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The Illinois Steward

Winter 2006

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Volume 15, Number 4
Winter 2006

In a Place Called Illinois: Illinois State Forests

Entices readers to visit a state forest.
Susan L. Post

Illinois Threatened and Endangered Tree Species and Species on the Edge of Their Range

Informs readers about rare tree species.
Jay C. Hayek

Infested Forests – An Epidemic of Exotics

Presents the challenges of controlling exotic plants.
Susan L. Post

The New Illinois Big Tree Register

Highlights our state’s biggest trees.
Jay C. Hayek

Ancient Illinois Forests: 200,000 Years of Climate Change

Chronicles the prehistoric forests of Illinois.
Jeffrey O. Dawson and David A. Grimley

Some Exotic Illinois Forest Insects

Gives the alert to an exotic insect invasion.
James E. Appleby

Leaf Tatters

Describes an unusual condition affecting oaks.
Jayesh B. Samtani, John B. Masiunas, and James E. Appleby

Forest Property Taxes in Illinois

Discusses the current forest property tax situation.
Jay C. Hayek


Shares thoughts on photographing nature’s bigness.
Michael R. Jeffords

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