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The Illinois Steward

Spring 2007

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Volume 16, Number 1
Spring 2007

Includes articles on Spring Ephemerals, Daffodils, Pears, Melons, Alfred Goss, sedges, sustainable energy, energy security, exotic grasses as biofuels, and a FOCALPOINT on easy photography.

In a Place Called Illinois: Spring Ephemerals

Introduces 10 species of spring butterflies that often go unnoticed and unnapreciated.
Susan L. Post, James Sternburg, and James Wiker

Daffodils, Pears, Melons, and More

Tells of a time when King Alfred reigned over the daffodil farms in the Alma community.
Judith Joy

The Wandering Spirit of Alfred Goss

Lets us follow in the footsteps of an Illinois student’s journey into the world of birds.
Thomas E. Rice

Sedges – Why Don’t We Know Them?

Gives valuable pointers on identifying and appreciating the often-misidentified sedges.
Linda Curtis

Searching for Sustainable Energy

Ponder the quest for new energy sources.
The Editors

Miscanthus – Panacea for Energy Security and the Midwest Economy or Another Kudzu?

Gives a favorable outlook for the use of Miscanthus as an energy source.
Stephen P. Long, Frank Dohleman, Michael B. Jones, John Clifton-Brown, and Uffe Jorgensen

Exotic Grasses as Biofuels – The Concerns

Raises questions about the use of exotic grasses as biofuels.
S. Raghu and Adam S. Davis


Wonders whether the rapid advancement of camera technology has lessened the skills needed to take good photos.
Michael R. Jeffords

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