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Summer 2007

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Volume 16, Number 2
Summer 2007

Guest Editorial: The Greater Kankakee Sands Ecosystem

Fran Harty

In a Place Called Illinois: The Grand Kankakee

introduces readers to the diversity of natural habitats and native species found in the Sands.
Susan L. Post

The Sands of Time

Captures the flavor of the Sands over the last 24,000 years.
The Editors

A Wealth of Wildlife: The Early Years

Examines 11,000 years of human dependence on Kankakee River valley wildlife.
Robert J. Reber

The People of the Prairie

Recaps the interactions of the Potawatomi with European explorers and settlers.
Charles Warwick

Draining the Kankakee Sands — A Story of Contrasts

Recounts a drainage history that forever changed the Sands.
Robert J. Reber

Pembroke Township: The Lost Corner of the Kankakee Sands

Explores the natural and human history that produced Pembroke’s unique beauty.
Charles Warwick

Threats to the Greater Kankakee Sands Ecosystem

Highlights the most significant dangers to this biologically rich area.
Fran Harty

A Renewed Opportunity for the Greater Kankakee Sands Ecosystem

Points out the potential for restoring and preserving remnants of the Sands.
Fran Harty

Odds and Ends

Muses about the reasons for the curious collection of species found in this region.
Michael R. Jeffords

FocalPoint: Simple Dignity

Demands that we ennoble even the smallest creatures by knowing their names.
Michael R. Jeffords

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