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The Illinois Steward

Winter 2007-2008

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Volume 16, Number 4
Winter 2007-2008

In a Place Called Illinois: Matthiessen State Park

Matthiessen State Park invites us to take a winter hike in Matthiessen State Park.
Susan L. Post

Ode to January Woods

A memorable January walk is shared in words
Brian Russart

Turkeys on the March

Discusses the current status of wild turkeys in Illinois
Laura Kammin

Wildlife Happenings During an Illinois Winter

Tells how wildlife endure, adapt, and even thrive in winter.
Michael R. Jeffords, Susan L. Post, and Charles Helm

The Once and Future Prairie State

Explores prairie biomass as a potential energy source.
Steve John

Commentaries: Prairies for Power

Introduces three commentaries on the concept of “prairies for power”.
The Editors…

Prairie Plantings—A Renewable Resource

Considers the feasibility of prairielike plantings used as an energy source.
Don Gardner

Power Pellets

Examines the practicality of burning pelleted prairie grass.
Greg McIsaac

Growing Energy and Habitat

Looks at prairie biomass plantings as potential wildlife habitat.
Laura Kammin

FocalPoint: A Slice of Allure

Questions the motives and purposes for taking photos.
Michael R. Jeffords

Two Winter Walks

Extends an invitation to readers to participate in two winter walks.
Robert J. Reber

An Icy Walk

The Steward’s designer takes us on her favorite walk via photos.
Lynn Hawkinson Smith

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