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The Illinois Steward

Winter 2008-2009

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Volume 17, Number 4
Winter 2008-2009

To Our Readers—On Saving Nature …

Introduces the Corps of Discovery
Jeffrey O. Dawson and Robert J. Reber

Toads in Spring

Explores the spring lives of toads
Larry Beckett

Iron Gall Ink

Gives the origins of ink
Ann L. Chan

Peent, Peent, Peent …

Searches for a timberdoodle dance
Patty Dickerson

Trail Steward 101

Reflects on being a trail steward
D. Isabel Cole

Tall Timber Trail: Moraine View State Park

Shares a walk in the woods
Ruth Gerlach

Prickly Pear Cactus in Illinois

Describes an Illinois cactus
Rhonda Ferree

One Child at a Time at Nature’s Table

Involves children with nature
Judy Kritzer

Quiet Discovery

Takes a closer look at nature
Lesley Deem

Incredible Wild Edibles

Promotes eating wild foods
Betsy Kuchinke

Nature’s Edges

Tells of the joys of ecotones
Alvin Smith and Barbara M. Smith

Auditory Natural History

Hears frogs and toads
Clyde Sweet

A Pioneer Primer

Records pioneer prairie travel
Jan Turner and Lisa Wrage

Western Fox Snakes: Focus of Research by University of Illinois Student

Studies the lives of fox snakes
Rob Kanter

Emiquon Corps of Discovery: Rebirth of Backwater Lakes, Bottomland Forest, Wetland, and Prairie

Tells of progress at Emiquon
Jane Garrison Ward

Spring Wildflowers at Allerton Park

Celebrates spring wildflowers
Diane Wasson

Captivated by Corn

Relates an experience with corn
Le Ann Benner

Allerton Park

Describes Allerton with an acrostic
Linda Klippert

Weaver Park

Chronicles the birth of a natural area
Loren “Bill” Wasson

FocalPoint: New Horizons

Champions macro photography
Michael R. Jeffords and Loren “Bill” Wasson

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