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The Illinois Steward

Spring 2009

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Volume 18, Number 1
Spring 2009

From Glaciers to Big Bluestem: The Prairies of Illinois

Gives a primer on the prairie types of Illinois
William McClain

Ten Thousand Years of Life on the Illinois Prairie

Tells of the dependence of Native Americans on prairie
Dale McElrath and Mary Simon

Prairie Pages

Showcases parcels of prairie that are worth visiting......
Susan L. Post

Silently Slipping Away: The Alarming Loss of Our Hill Prairies

Raises concern about a prairie type in peril
William McClain

A Taste of Loda Prairie

Provides insight into how naturalists think and act
Joseph Spencer, Robert Stanton, and Luis Orellana

FocalPoint: The Satisfaction of Knowing

Says getting the shot outweighs unpleasant circumstances
Michael R. Jeffords

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