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The Illinois Steward

Fall 2009

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Volume 18, Number 3
Fall 2009

In a Place Called Illinois: Whirligig Beetles

Tells of an amazingly mobile insect—the whirligig beetle.
Susan L. Post

Guess Who Is Coming

Gives one bird-feeder’s experiences with “seed stealers” .
Robert J. Reber

Getting Along with Wildlife

Suggests how to deal with close wildlife encounters.
Laura Kammin

Grapes Are for Gathering

Recounts a give-and-take relationship at the grape arbors.
Robert J. Reber

A Model Deer-Management Program at Allerton Park

Updates progress of a highly visible deer-management plan.
Drew N. Becker

Into Nature

Shares a journaling experience with children through national parks.
Michael R. Jeffords and

Early Archaic Cultures

Brings to life a 10,000-year-old Early Archaic culture.
Michael R. Jeffords

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